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protecting from carjackers

Guest filmit

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he I have seen the video,I have the same video but than is it from sl-llumar.how can that?


So it is a Lumar video and Lumar film? Not SSAF and IMPAX EXTREME?

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If it is in fact sl.llumar's video and it's on SSAF web as theirs... speaks volumes...

I'll get my eyes on Sl.llumar's video and see...

Filmit.... I believe your question has been answered in the safety film thread...

Any 7 - 21 mil....

There is no magic bullet... and in ever you needed to get out of the vehicle... submerged, upside down and on fire... smashed up and on fire... did I say submerged... you will find yourself even more hard pressed getting out of a 7 mil filmed car than it is getting in.

Cheers :spit:spit

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