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Tinting Front Drops UK

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Guest walestint

I know the doo, with these, but....

Is it !llegal to actually tint them, Its !llegal to have them tinted on your vehicle, but could I get in to trouble tinting them for  a customer?




in a word...yes

well thats what the VOSA guidelines say and my local kind :beer ministry of transport man, also 70% tint put onto a car with a slightly tinted front glass will still be technically !llegal.

most people dont ask for !llegal tint, especially once explained to them, and the ones that do are normally knobheads ne way! (in my opinion!)

:lol6 cheers!

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Guest walestint
So im breaking the law, by appyling the tint to the front windows then? What's the punishment????


I dont set the rules or know of any or heard of any punishment for doing it, but if one day some kid gets hurt and a possible cause was dark tint on fronts, personally I would feel bad and professionally its finito

And when I know I aint supposed to do it..why do it? There is enough trade for me to not do it.

...or am I supposed to tint to 50% on the fronts for every boy racer that comes my way?

Its not happening with me anyway.


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