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Guest rcjello

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Guest rcjello

ok boys and girls follow me very closely this is a good one.

1. Make a business card holder with your name on it.

2. Go to a local business that will be in your desired demographic (car audio, dealers and the like)

3. In this schnazzy holder is your card on the front and the design of the company that lets you display your card.

4. here is the kicker the card offers 10% off when you bring this coupon in AND you tell the shop owner that you will kick him 10% of the job that comes in.


Customer brings in card from the audio shop at the end of the month send him 10 bucks or so hypothetically speaking.

I see this as some really cheap advertising cuz u only spend money if you make money and its no skin off the backs of the shop owners to display and even recommend you.


thank me later.

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