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Is it illegal...

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to sell a picture video such as this


with copyrighted music, like the one that is in it, without paying royalties? It would not be massly distributed, just to the family or party wanting it. My estimation would be no more than 10 dvds.

I know zolar spent some time in the music industry and was hoping somebody could give me some clearcut answers without me having to contact a lawyer.



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Guest zolar

Hey Skit !!!!! :DD

I have been at a gospel music conference in Orlando

them folks can SING !!!!!!!

...........anyhoo I am no lawyer but here is my take on it

there are two copyrights to contend with the PA and SR

the PA is Private Authorship (ownership ) of the song

its lyrics, chord progression, and melody

the SR is the actual Studio Recording

(and duplication or public performance)

both are seperate entities to contend with

and require licensing

....if you could even remotely profit from it :DD

tough cookie there

best left to the suits :beer

If I can help holla :beer

I ain't skurred to call a publisher or A&R peepz :DD

good to hear from you

my fire breathin JAMacious brothermang

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thanks zolar, I'm gonna try to get in contact with the law department here at iowa see what their take is. I saw a few sites online offering this same product with any music the customer wanted BUT the music was either brought to the vendor from the customer or bought on behalf of the customer. I'm hoping that would change things.

Nice to hear from ya again dude.

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