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relocating to erie, penn

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hey guys whats up. im 24 years old. im a flat glass window tinter from southern california. I know its kind of early but im looking to move to erie pennsylvania after the winter aroung march or april. I'd like permanent work but temp or sesonal is fine. I'm looking to live around Albion, PA. I've been tinting for six years strictly flat glass and am very knowledgable with solar gard films but I also have installed llumar, madico, huper optik, johnson, pretty much any manufacturer out ther I've used. in los angeles we use alot of graffitti gard and I've installed up to 12 mil. I've instaled many 3M vinyls, lumisty and V-Kool. I . I would like to get more involved in the vehicle wrap area. I keep it pretty honest and I hate goin back for re-dos. im not fast but where I lack in quantity I make up for it in quality. would welcome any response. tmoney_rdz@yahoo.com

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