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I'm drivin to lunch today, and some jackazz decides to walk out in front of me (crosswalk? whats that?). so I slam on the brakes because I am such a freakin nice guy, and let him go. the whole time he crosses in front of me, he's givin me a dirty look like a mug mang. he's also carryin this huge 44 oz sonic cup. I kinda nod my head while he's starin at me like come on...you're like 15 years old hurry the fuk up! grandmas slow, but she's old...he finally gets past me and I hammer it and leave a little rubber and he's STILL starin at me as he's walking. I keep watchin him in the mirror and as he is stilllllllll mean muggin, this dude forgets there's a curb before the sidewalk :lol6:lol6 the kid endo's himself face first and his drink ends up UNDER him! I'm laughin so damn hard I almost wreck :DD

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