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Badass toy....800 hp..... :thumb I did a bunch of Bra on this car..whole front end, some on the back and around the doors.



The Clear-Plex went on smooth....I had to cut it out....... and shape it on Plexie glass....that was scary... :thumb

but it turned out real good.... :thumb


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I did it yesterday.

This was a real nascar ...retired...but still in action....the car behind this one was a Daryll Waltrip T-Bird.

Must be a nice hobby....buyin retired nascars and going out with buddies to the track and bumpin into everything.

This guy has 5 of em I forget the other names but 1 of em is the Cole Trickle car from Days of Thunder... :evileye

This guy ownes 23 McDonalds....in the country....these are like RC cars to him..... :nope


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