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  1. Hope life is treating you guys well.
  2. it actually was your fault.....since when is 20% legal in washington state? since Neveruary 1986. 24% minimum is the law. And you're 20% metered 14% after install.....totally illegal. you must have a meter right? ----------i wanted to edit my post Kon to explain a little bit more. (because i always come across as a dick ) your customer came in and asked me to meter his car. it happens all the time. your customer's tint metered at 14%. he told me that the "guy" that tinted his car told him he was getting 20% and that it was totally legal. I explained to him how different films meter differently out of the box and therefore different on the glass after install. i also told him. he had a light interior that made his tint look lighter which helped. i also told him there was no way i ever saw him getting pulled over for it. it looked light due to the interior. i also told him it looked like a great tint job and that he should just go with it and not worry about it. then.......he told me it was you that did it. that's when i immediately told him i considered you a friend that i'd never say anything bad about you. you're a good guy and i know it. but in the end.....he was told 20% was legal. which it isn't. as you know we install llumar. 20 meters 20 after install because it's usually 26 out of the box. suntek isn't that way. 20 is 20 out of the box. meaning he ended up with 14. i think that's the part that really bugged the dude. if it actually metered 20 he probably wouldn't have bothered you. i've changed my mind.....i think this whole ordeal for you is probably my fault. but i was just spewing the truth and how i felt. i literally told the dude he should just keep it and not worry about it. he just couldn't handle the number 14. i'm sorry dude.
  3. only a tinter could tell the difference. personally...i think dynamic might be right. stratos might be pinnacle with AIR layered in it. we've pulled it apart and that sure is how it looks.
  4. we had issues like this and a driver and cable update took care of was a communication issue. you might try that Mr. P. might work might not.....just a suggestion.
  5. we must be having the same dream. things are great here. busy...tons of work.
  6. blade


    do whatcha gotta do.......tons of cock strokers here....
  7. blade


    depends on what you're doing with it. we have 2 40" plotters cutting film for automotive installations all day long. but we also do a ton of commercial decorative cut graphics....that's when our larger plotter kicks in. i also use the big plotter for our 60" PPF cutting. it all comes down to what you're going to do with it.
  8. sounds like every pattern software has the same issue....the top edge. those of us that have been tinting since the beginning of time always said plotters will never do what we can do by hand, and it's the truth. but i'm still using precision cut patterns and we've learned to adjust where we need to. and the patterns seem to improving with daily updates.
  9. outta control busy, productive, and profitable!!!!