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motorhelmet visors

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People ask me all the time or I can tint their motorhelmet visors , But I teel tell them it would be more expensive then to buy a new dark visor and advise them to do that instead.

The first time I tryed it was about 9 years ago , at that time I had no idea it was possible to shrink windowfilm So this was a no go ,and never tryed it again for multiple reasons . Today a buddy of mine stopped at the shop with his bike to pay me a visit and asked me that same question.

Now I know its not meant to go on plastic , but I just had to try ..just to see or I could do it . And I almost had it iff it wasn't for some buttons at the sides . As I pulled of the film there was NO gleu left at all ( anti-fog visor) ....but I was pretty sattisfied to come this far anyways...

Sooo did anyone of guys ever tryed it before ? just being curious here...

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