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Covering console side panels

Guest sewing_guy

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Guest sewing_guy

A couple posts back was about a stitched covering on a console. I was going to do pics of how this one went together, but the guy needed it for a show too quick to stretch out the work. We built the custom console, covered it, and redid the seats to match. I personally think the gray is too light for the truck's outer skin, but he already had the door panels and headliner made and we matched to that. Oh well. It can always be changed later.

The seats were the basic schtuff. I did try on one of the bases using the original panels as padding and doing a layer right over the top (some of the , ahemmm, professional builders with shows have done this). It can be done, but it can also like crapola. I've done it in one vehicle and it turned out ok. But with this one, I wasn't happy. I just patterened everything with new, softer foam and they came out like they should.

The console was built all from wood. We matched the contour of the seat, and then put the extensions at either end to emmulate the top dash roll. Used "surfboard" foam to get the shape. He requested the cubbies for his cell phone. Plus a couple outlets for charging. The only thing I wish I would have gone and redone is down low at the front of the seat where the two sections of the console butt up. It looks raw from the inside. I should have patterned all the way down to the floor and finished out the seam, but I knew there would be a hell of a lot of stretch as I was fitting the cover.

THis one doesn't bulge like the one the new sewer posted, but it's the same concept. Lay it on it's side and trace the contour. Panels on outside and inside, sew them together, do a french or (in this case) a double fell because it's a narrower sidewall and then stretch it down and over. The hardest part were the rolls at either end. I had to put a cross panel in it that tucked back under the red insert panels. It worked ok. A trick I liked with it was the inset for the gas pedal. I don't think it can be seen, but we cut out the pocket, used 2x4s to offset the opening and put a backing panel on it. Then we could sand and contour it down to make a nice shaped inset. covered with matching carpet to the floor and it disappears into the background. And much much easier and cleaner than 'glassing an inset. He was happy with the outcome. I didn't hear how he placed at the show.











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