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Sheriff offices argued that the tint could affect cell phone signal qu


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by Eric Loveday (RSS feed) on Mar 26th 2010 at 1:26PM

Report: California scraps 'Cool Cars' legislation, automakers, law enforcement cheer</h2>

California's controversial "cool cars" guidelines have been laid to rest. According to a report from The Detroit News, the ill supported legislation is no more and automakers can rejoice. The pressure was too much for the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to handle any longer, and automakers, law enforcement officials and crime victim advocates are likely to celebrate their victory.

If you're unclear about what we're speaking about, California's "Cool Cars" legislation was to be adopted into law in May. The rules aimed to reduce heat within a vehicle and thus lower greenhouse gas emissions. The plan included guidelines to reduce the sun's energy from penetrating a vehicle by 45 percent by 2014 and 60 percent by 2016. The method for achieving this goal included factory installed glazing (window tint) on each and every vehicle sold in California.

Many objections arose. Patrol officers were concerned for their safety, stating that the tint would restrict their view into a vehicle. Sheriff offices argued that the tint could affect cell phone signal quality and thus prevent drivers from contacting emergency services such as 911. Automakers complained that the added costs to tint vehicles would be significant. Complaints poured in from out of state law enforcement and politicians alike.

Of course, "Cool Cars" may be dead, but a CARB spokesman has gone on record stating that the organization will pursue other methods to reduce air conditioning emissions and to provide "cooler" cars in the future.


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they should force every car on the road in california to have llumar air blue 80 installed, windshields included. I think im going to call this CARB spokesman and give him something to pursue

That would do more harm than good. The first thing asked will be how many brands offer that film. If you respond one, it will be like shooting yourself in the foot. Politicians breathe a different kind of air and need to be treated that way

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