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64 Inch Graphtech Plotter Vinyl Express Q-Series Vinyl Sign Cutter Fo

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Guest thetintplaceVA

64 Inch Graphtech Plotter For Pricing please email at darrell@thetintplace.com

Vinyl Express Q-Series Vinyl Sign Cutter For Sale

Vinyl and Contour Cutters for the Serious Sign Professional

Vinyl Express Q Series cutters are built exclusively for SignWarehouse by the world leader in performance and quality — a company whose name is literally synonymous with class-leading cut quality and bulletproof reliability. But the Q Series cutters offer you an added benefit - the SignWarehouse Vinyl Express name. It's your assurance of premium quality and unparalleled value. If you’re serious about the business of sign-making, Vinyl Express Q Series cutters are made with you in mind. Vinyl and contour sign cutters for the serious sign professional. Cut long jobs with confidence. 50' tracking guaranteed! Bulletproof with reliability. Tangential blade control and Soft Blade Landing technology. These are supremely built cutters for the serious sign maker, engineered and built exclusively for SIGNWarehouse by one of the sign industry’s best and most respected manufacturers. This partnership brings together two of the oldest and most established companies in the sign equipment industry. All Q Series cutters include an advanced SmartFeed and Accuload media handling systems for superb tracking on long graphics, tangential control for accurate cuts even in thick media, and outstanding detail and precision. Perfect Choice for Custom Automotive Detailing, Trimming and Window Film Tinting Professionals! Get started with your own professional automotive window tinting or custom vehicle graphics business. Proper control of window tint film requires superior media handling properties such as those made possible by The Q-Series SBL Soft Blade Landing system. Ordinary cutters slam the blade down onto the vinyl — leading to imprecise, clumsy corners that can cause weeding problems and excess head-wear. Q Series cutters use Soft Blade Landing to improve cut quality with no loss of speed or excessive head-wear. It makes weeding a breeze, and butter smooth! One of the advantages of this engineering precision is the ability to control and cut very thin media, including automotive window tint film. The plotter is almost brand new yet has been barley used! It has been well taken care of during its use which was about a period of 2 or 3 months. I do have extra Teflon strips for it as well as extra blades for cutting window tint, vinyl, and paint protection. I have all the software needed to run the programs for these types of jobs as well and am willing to discuss the possible sale of those if you are interested in them. The computer that I have used to run the system is for sale as well if you would like we could talk about a package price for everything I have available.


What makes the Vinyl Express Q Series so advanced? Every model includes these advanced features:

NEW! Q Series One-Touch Control Panel

The large, 3" graphical display isn't even the half of it! The new dual-mode, simplified 16-button controls give you one-touch access to every powerful cutter feature. Say goodbye to confusing sub-menu arrays. Q Series is as easy as it is powerful.

NEW! Dual Position Blade Holder

Instead of the old-fashioned, one position blade holder mount, the ALL NEW Q offers you a dual-position blade holder mount... for increased contour cut accuracy! Now get more accurate, more precise contour cuts for all your decals, stickers, and more.

NEW! Vinyl Express® Q Series™ ARMS

With available ARMS (auto registration mark sensor) contour-cutting alignment system. Improved for better detection on colored, reflective, and metalized films.

Q Series TrueTRACK Drive System

Unlike typical grit-rollers that have random, sandpaper-like surfaces, ours are precision milled for fine, even spacing. That's why we not only say Vinyl Express Q Series Cutters are accurate to 50 feet. We guarantee it!

Q Series Soft Blade Landing Technology

Ordinary cutters slam the blade down onto the vinyl — leading to imprecise, clumsy corners that can cause weeding problems and excess head-wear. Q Series cutters use Soft Blade Landing to improve cut quality with no loss of speed or excessive head-wear. It makes weeding a breeze, and butter smooth!

Q Series Tangential Blade Control

Instead of the slow, lift-and-turn used by mechanical tangential cutters, Q Series intelligently orients blade direction — without the blade leaving the face of the media. So angled cuts are more precise without any loss in speed or productivity.

*inches per second.

Optional Extra Media Racks

The optional additional media racks enable you to keep up to 3 extra full-length rolls conveniently stored at the foot of your plotter for quick changes from one job to another.

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Vinyl Express Q Series S P E C I F I C A T I O N S

• Cutting Method: Friction-fed, high-speed drag blade with Soft Blade Landing and Tangential blade control mode

• Maximum Cutting Speed: 50 inches per second

• Maximum Cutting Pressure: Up to 400 grams

• Minimum Character Size: 0.125" high, alpha-numeric characters, varies with type of film and font

• Tools Accepted: Super steel and ceramic blades, water-based fibertip, rollerball and ceramic-tip pens, and pouncing tool

• Buffer: 2 MB

• Media Supply: Integrated Accuload media supply system, optional media racks (3 additional max.) for tandem holding of up to 4 vinyl rolls

• Maximum Cutting Width

Vinyl Express Q64: 64 in.

• Maximum Media Width

Vinyl Express Q64: 72.5 in.

• Weight (shipping)

Vinyl Express Q64: 164 lbs

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Guest thetintplaceVA

Attention Tint Dude Followers!

This is a Used Plotter For Sale By Owner!!!!!!

Please read the following advertisment fully as this is a private seller that is selling 1 used plotter not a company so if interested please notify me or make an offer!!!!

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