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12v installs


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ever since i put the remote start in that thunderbird, my knees havnt been the same. they hurt going up stairs and such.

anyone have similar problems and found how to fix them? knee pads like for roller skating? i used a bunch of towels folded up on the ground but wasnt much squish

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if you are doing alot of 12 volts installs. You should get a kneeling pad. Most tools stores will have one.

I think I saw a craftsman one last time I was at sears. They will usually be around were creepers are for sliding underneath a car.

Also sometimes you can find them in with gardening tools. :D

I try not to take on jobs that I have to work on my knees to get paid for. :beer

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I feel your pain. I put down foam work out floor padding, from sporting goods store, then put cargo blanket over the top of that. I also found that it helps to change positions often. I have had cartlidge cut out from both knees, so it doesn't take long for them to stiffen up. It's funny though, I have also found that the more often I run the less my joints hurt after remote starts and i average about two a week.

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I did several wires pre install. Only had about 21 wires to put in and 3 relays. I made sure after every few id get up and walk around but still...

I can see the dash surfer being useful but also very limiting on which vehicles and depends how far up the wires are. True?

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