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Help me with prices

Guest tintchick

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Guest tintchick

Ok everybody,,,need a little help here,,I'm putting together a price list, we started a mobile tinting crew today because we get too many calls for cars and I need help pricing a couple things. How much should I charge for front roll ups? should I change it based on vehicle make and model too? Plus our service is going to be mobile, so I'm going to add a few bucks for the convenience charge,,,any help is appreciated. Also, what models do u guys charge premiums for? hummers? beetles?

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Guest DontWorryItWillDry


After you get a price list set up, consider the skills of your installers. If they are not the most experienced and can just get by, then you may want to keep it more than competitive. If they are top notch and don't expect too many problems, sell them by their experience. As you already know, top notch service gets top prices.

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Guest tintslut

just charge $99 per car, like every other new tint shop to ever come down the BLVD. OR charge OB monies and get 595$ for that luxury car.

WHat kinda film you gonna use? The cheap GR , or are you looking to

put quantum on every car? ... ( NOTICE how I dare not even mention a film brand other than SG tothe CHIK?) How about some specifics on what you

are planning to offer.. SO your going mobile eh?? ASk sprinter for some mobile tips....I was mobile for 15 years,, In shop work is better...

Being mobile, you cant bust out as many cars as doing them "in shop",

especially in that nice CA traffic. Never know when OJ might hop into an SUV and really slo things down, or the televised Car chase of the day

might attract the rubber neckers..

DO THEY still have those pagers that alert you to car chases taking place?

Best use for a communications device ever.

WILL you insist on deposits before you even go mobile to tint?

Its amazing how many people cant even be at there own house at the designated time, or there place of work,, or the dealer forgot to call you to say the car owner couldnt make it...,, or you get there and the car owner hasnt specified how dark or what kinda tint they want on the car.

PO, no PO? TIme is money. PAY now , its cheaper...

,, all your work will be phoned in at 5:08 pm fridays, all wanting it done now... Be sure to look over the cars, before you start tinting them,,,

"that scratch wasnt there before you tinted it"


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Guest tintchick

Theres no way I can get OB prices :lol,,,,I give u props Dan,,,I called Dan earlier and picked his brain for a little bit,,,,,I've been throwing the car price with the house prices, I'm just trying to fine tune the little things so when I get asked questions I don't sound :confused

sl*t,,,,you're right on the film I'm gonna use, smart man,,,OB is smart too, uses the same film, you're just too stubborn :lol you're still the king of the huper hvmpers :P

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Guest tintslut

Like I stik HUPER on everything???

90% LLUMAR HERE AMIGA... Letseeee,, ILL BUY SG auto film when they offer a DYED film with a LT warrantee at no extra charge....

I will buy Global HP before SG again.. ARE u in need of any SG auto film.

GOT some partial rolls of 60" quantum available.

Maybe SG will figure something out,, LIKE our shop has CUT 1200 computer

cut patterns since christmas, but we have only bought 1 40" roll of SG.

TAKE a wild guess who converts film for SOLIS and HUPER..

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