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Hello everyone! New tinter here!

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Guest 94turboteggy621

Whats up everyone im very new to the tinting world i like it a lot its fun to me and i like seeing people enjoy the work i do! So far I've tinted a jeep and a BMW the jeep came out very bad at first but as kept going i started learning new techniques and what not..but as of now im just having everyone i tint run to walmart and pick up the tint they have there its super cheap but gets the job done and helps me get some practice in..but i was wondering about a few things. Im gona start taking it more serious and i wanted to ask a few of you a couple questions...

1.when i decided to buy my first full roll is there a certain size roll i should get and what do u guys think would be best for me to buy thats not super pricey but still comes out pretty good so i dont lose money rather then gain?

2. Back windshields...yea so so far I've only done the side windows because the tint I've been using from walmart isn't big enough for back Windsheild...when the time comes for me to do it is there any tools u guys recommend me getting to make it easier? I've seen a few people using a rolling teqneiqe to transfer the tint from the outside to the interior? Can anyone give me a few tips on that??

3. How do i determine if the door panel of the car needs to be removed before placing the tint on the inside of the glass? This one worrys me a bit when i tint...id rather not remove the person panels unless i 100% have to to reduce the chances of damage to the car.

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