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Guest crewdog10

Well winter is almost over here in Germany and I'll be tinting windows again soon. I just placed an order for some tools and film which should be arriving next week. I can't wait! I stopped tinting for the winter because I was having problems with the film drying. It was taking about a month and my customers were complaining. I don't know how you guy's in cold climates do it? I thought about using lamps to cure the tint but I never tried it. Does anyone know if that really works? I installed an alarm and a remote start on my Civic this winter and thought about doing alarm and remote start installations but I think that I better wait and get certified first. But thats it, sorry for rambling on. I just wanted to say hello to everyone on the board so that you don't wonder, who the F#%ck is this guy? I love the site and will be posting more now, Tschuss.

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Guest nautiboi73


I live in Hotlanta so we don't get but so cold in winter. you better ask the notherns about the lamps. rubbing achocol does help with drying I hear.

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Guest Sprinter

sorry to hear your in winter time it passes over us again I think we got 2 or 3 weeks of cold weather I'm sitting here in short pants with the air condition on and it was rainning with a nice cold breeze. we set a record the other day of 97 degrees for that day in history only another 20 degrees to go before it gets really hott here!

can't awnser your question about cold dry times as it does'nt smow here but a few times in the last 14 years. I would try the alcolhal thing

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