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Guest Against The Wind

what year mustang is it, so fresh? personally I would to with the 2 10's. depending what other equipment you might be running, 3 8's may drown out some of the mids and highs

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Guest dodgyone

I wanted to go with 3 W6's in my car. Would have been very nice. Have played around with 8's and 2 tens will always hit harder and sound more natural than 3 8's. I've had JL subs in the last 3 cars and they are awesome.

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I agree, 10's always sound better, but I'm a 12 fan myself. Granted, I have 2 JL 10s now, but I didn't feel like custom-building a box to fit under the back seat of my truck. I found a box for 2 10s that fire down (instead of forward) so they won't get kicked. I'm not into the volumes I used to be. My last vehicle had 4 JL 10W3s and 2300 watts. Too much for me now. I'm down to 300 watts and it sounds great.

As fas as the Mustang, why not do 3 10W6s?

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Guest nautiboi73

just the w7 with no number in front implies "$". you can get more out of any speaker if you are willing to build the enclosure correct.

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