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talking like leo in your head...

Guest tintgod

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Guest tinterjim

:lol I think thats just human nature. I have alot of russian friends and seem to do the accent in my head quite well. :rollin

mixed with the southern accent I can't seem to get that :lol6

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I do it as well, I also see alot of vodka, moonmachines at a convention, skantly dressed women in the office, etc............... :shock

Meff, believe it or not - it's REAL REALITY in DARTZ.OFFICE - stripdancers on my worktable or moonrover looking cars with me in Riga (real MOONROVER COPY is very Xpensive :DD 4 me). But NOT EVERYWHERE HERE!!! NO, NO, NO. I am idiot among local businessmans in versace, Armani, DKNY etc clothes and bootes on their LEXUS and MERCEDES, with their seroiuZ stupid faces.... But I can drink Vodka in UK and Russia ambassodors company and feel free in T-Shirt and shortes, my new team faces (I post You this oriental girl) now is red-head and I like it... F...ck OFF seroiuZ BIZ!!! I want to enjoy life and look at this world how I want to do it, and sometimes I do very strange (for real businessman) things :shock:shock:hmmm

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