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Ceramic for side windows that isn't hazy

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Does anyone have a ceramic film that they would recommend for side windows that isn't milky or hazy looking?  So far I have used SunTek 35 and Madico Wincos 35 and when the vehicle is in the sun and you are looking out the window you see this hazy look through the film. I have read a little about it and it sounds like this is just part of cermaic films but mainly in VLT's between 30-45%.  I use Wincos 70 on windshields and have never had any issue as that stuff has excellent clarity.  Any suggestions will be much appreciated!

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Suntek is known for being bad with Low Angle Haze.  All window films have it, Ceramics tend to have it more...basically what is blocking the heat is causing it to be more noticeable.  IMO this is something subjective...some people will notice more than others.  Personally never have seen an issue with Llumar along with never having a customer complain about it, but some others say it has too much.  I did have a customer ask about it on 3M Color Stable and seen couple of complaints online about it from consumers, but two of the guys in our shop with it never have noticed it.

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