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Question for tint shops:


when you get a customer asking, why is it cheaper to tint the full vehicle than it is to tint each window separately, what do yo tell them?


also when they want their whole windshield tinted, and they ask why is it as close to the price of tinting a full vehicle when it is just one window, what do you tell them?



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If you purchase anything one at a time the price is always higher than buying in bulk. It takes longer to sell the job, write the invoice and pull the car in and out than it does to tint a single piece of glass.


As for windshields they have to be minty every time because they will always be looking at it, glass is harder to reach for and I've accepted the liability for any damage to the electronics under the dash. Take it, leave it or put your faith in the el'cheapo shop down the road.

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