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Soak Rope for Back Window

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I am purchasing a soak rope. Should I be using a soak rope on back window to prevent too much water going into electronics? Is it necessary to use on back windows trunk area?


I think I heard some person had issues with the keyless start function not working on a mercedes due to electronics being wet in the back window, however I'm not sure.

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54 minutes ago, Dano said:

A soak rope will help. Also pull the inside wheel trims and stuff some towels over the power boxes on anything euro or electric. I pull the a-pillar covers on windshields and find stuff in there as well, teslas particularly.

Okay thanks, I'm gonna start using soak rope on all back windows in case there's an amp back there. Better safe then sorry. I'm also gonna make customers sign a waiver for back windows specifically audi, bmw m series, mercedes e300. And of course waiver for all windshields as well. 


Trust me when I say I will do everything in my power to never pay for electronics on a customer's vehicle 😂

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