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Compatible Tint Cutting Software

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I currently have a 52" Vinyl System Specialist plotter. I have been trying for the last 6 months to find a tint cutting software that is compatible with my plotter.  None of the programs I have tried have my plotter on the install list. I have contacted the company that I bought my otter from and unfortunately their lack of knowledge or help was unbelievable. ( I'll post their  response below). I have co tasted a couple software companies and their solution has been for me to purchase a different otter from them lol. My plotter is only 5 years old and works amazing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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If your cutter works great, what program have you been using?

Have you tried changing the command language? Are you using a bridge program between your art program to the cutter interface?


Cutters can be finicky getting the initial set up in order. Most shops are using a Roland or Graphtech for the reasons you describe, and even then they may take some time to work out the bugs, especially if you're switching between an art program to a tint program due to the language interface auto changing. 

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My best guess is the language setting. HPPL vs HPGL if you can toggle between. 

My best advice is to have two plotters. Switching between vinyl/ppf and tint is hard on the cutting strip and usually will waste more film than you would like getting the blade retuned. I learned that lesson years ago and likely saved enough film to pay for the second machine, possibly lowered my blood pressure a little in the process.

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