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Window Tinter(s) needed WI-Must read this

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Every tint shop needs tinters, you already know that. Why not pick the best fit for you. We are not a high volume/high stress shop.

We are the only FormulaOne Llumar dealer in WI. Over 35 years in business means job security. Go to our website and look around.

See our prices. Do you want commission? Do you want flat rate or hourly. Full or part time, whatever works for you. We have 2 installers

currently and looking to add 1 or 2 more. Bring a friend. We are in a low crime area with no rush hour traffic to deal with. We can pick and 

choose the vehicles we take in so no old beaters with removal of old film if we choose.  Go to www.blackoutwindowservice.com and 

check us out. Even if you aren't ready now, keep us in mind next year or the next. We can do a contract to guarantee full time employment 

year round. Do you need help with moving expenses? You let me know how much money you want to make. The worse that could happen is I say no.

Please reply to blackoutwindowsevice@gmail.com or text me at 414-329-4000 (text only).


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