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Opinions on 3M 200 Series PPF

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HI Guys, 


Just after some thoughts and opinions on 3M's newer 200 Series PPF. I did read that it got an updated top coating that is more hydrophobic but was wondering what's the real wold feel from the pros. How is this new film stacking up against Stek's DynoSheild or xPel Ultimate.


I did have a chat to a local installer that(based on the raving review is one of the best) and he said that 3M are junk and recommended Opti-Coat PPF. In the same conversation he said the same thing about 3M's tint and said that Rayno make the best film. After this, I decided to node my head, agree and thank him for his valuable time.



So what are everyone's thoughts on the new 200 Series?

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I haven't seen that one yet. Personally I'm not a fan of the 3m products aside from the Crystalline. They have been around for ages and the products do what they claim. The real benefit is the deep dealer network for warranty claims and brand recognition.


My favorite PPF films in the past 10yrs has been Global, Xpel and Stek. Good adhesive, awesome clarity and good top coat.  Those three seem to hold the heavy curves really well. I'll keep an eye out for the new 3m product. 

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Chilled -


Are you still deciding what is the plan for your headlights ?


If this was my project, I would buy new lense covers and replace them.

Yes, that itself is a project in itself but it's fairly straightforward...

Remove lense, clean out channel, new butyl, new lens - Lotsa clamps all around the cover/headlight housing for a consistent clamp-seal


Then just get it wrapped to protect the *plastic lense* with PPF.

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20 hours ago, Dano said:

I haven't seen that one yet. Personally I'm not a fan of the 3m products aside from the Crystalline.

Yep, love thy Crystalline, I have it on a couple of windshields.




Nah, that was OP in his thread. I was just giving ideas on how he could try to lay it down.


I'm thinking of wrapping my cars and seen that over the last couple of years, few of the brands have released some updated to the films. Was wondering how things stack up now days. In terms of installers and access, the easiest one is 3M, followed random brands, Suntek, XPEL and a distant STEK.  


I don't really care about the $ to performance, as I know 3M gets allot of hate been the most expensive vs the relative performance. Xpel, gets the hate based on the all or nothing contracts and in some cases having less than the best products. But I don't want to get into those arguments. All of the installers say their chosen brand is the absolute best (i'm sure they are not financially incentivized to say that).


So I'm just after some feedback on how thigs are looking with these updates.



The big thing for me, is rock-chip and brush past protection, long lasting/easy removal in 5yrs without damaging the paint. Ideally without introducing a fton of orange peel, or the ppf going yellow. The hydrophobics are nice, but can put ceramics on top, and I don't mind washing my car regularly.


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Whoopsie. I totally mistook you for the headlight OP


For me, it's not even about the film as 1st decision.


It's all about the installer for me...

If the car is a daily or a weekend queen

If it's a daily, I go to the Xpel preferred shop.

If it's a garage queen, I go the Stek Shop


Then the film is part of that decision. There are tradeoffs. Due to -regional- dealer locks, some installers may not carry one film over another simply just due to they can get in the dealer network cause another participating  dealer is too. close by. I suppose this same argument applies in the tint world.


I like Stek for clarity, but I like Xpel for protection (thicker, more OP though).


Pros , might as well ask to revisit my own WiKi. 

I was looking at Premium Shield awhile back . This stuff seemed even more clearer than Stek

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