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  1. Looking for an experienced automotive window film installer for a busy shop in Sebastian Florida. Needs to be able to do between 5-8 cars per day and have high quality work.
  2. Just regular city water. I will have to give that a try on my next fill up
  3. Anyone have recommendations for a product like Tint Slime but has more slip per ounce? I have been using slime for a while but I find myself using at least 3-4 oz per gallon in this Florida heat. I am using QDP film and I like the slime it just gets expensive at $50 a gallon. I have used Joy, Palmolive, baby shampoo and Fusions slip.
  4. Anyone been using this for an extended period of time? I use Prime XR on windshields and I love it. I have been using global QDP for 8 years and have no complaints at all but the price it steadily climbing.
  5. How often are you guys replacing blade holders? My GCC Puma will cut awesome for about 2 months and then just start cutting like crap. I charge the blade holder and blade and it works fine for another 2 months. I was going to buy a Roland but the company says I will face the same issues with that as well. Thoughts?
  6. My question to you is was or is it worth it? I am trying to decide if I should open another one but getting good people to put in place is like hitting to power ball.
  7. In need of an experienced auto installer for a busy shop in Sebastian FL. I need someone organized and motivated. This is a full time 40-50 hr a week position. Pay will be based on experience. We are a small shop so no employee drama. Contact Mike at 772-633-3122
  8. Anyone still been using ASWF Excel? I used to 5 or so years ago and had customers coming back after 2 years. Reps have been pushing it hard around here again claiming its completely different than before.
  9. Do you still have this for sale? Number?
  10. Looking for an experienced automotive tinter in Sebastian Florida. I need someone experienced and reliable as we are normally about a week behind all year. Email me at windowsolutionsfl@gmail.com or call Mike at 772-633-3122.