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  1. Wow haven’t seen one of those in over a decade...maybe two. My uncle had one in the early 90’s, thought he was the epitome of cool. Good job.
  2. I’ll drink to that Some awesome folks up here. Even met a handful of them and good friends with a couple. So cool I got to meet Teedubs and her family when they came to the states all the way from Australia.
  3. Not sure if you mean the White Matte or Gradient film.... White Matte definitely doesn’t like creases or any stress in the corners. If you get any it will take a while to dry enough to lay it down. Usually a day or so, maybe an hour or two if it gets direct sun. I just try to roll it out smooth and use factory/straight cut edges as much as possible. Giving relief cuts in the corners when trimming really goes a long way to not stress the film so it lays flat. For the gradient/printed films I will precut exact sizes (enough to get in the frame a bit) and avoid cutting on the glass altogether. These films have a super sticky adhesive and don’t like to be slid around for placement. So use A LOT of slip/water and try to place it VERY close to where it needs to go because you will only have a couple seconds to slide it around before the adhesive will start tracking. Takes forever for those track marks to dry out, if at all.
  4. Little bit of White Matte and Feather Gradient. Almost got thrown off the job because I removed my mask for a few minutes while in the sweltering hot/humid pool room by myself, in a hotel that has yet to open with maybe 3-4 people in the whole entire building. Fun times...
  5. Damn! Did the installer look like this by any chance?
  6. I’m up in Asheville, so about 4 hours away. Plus I don’t do auto anymore. JH is over in New Bern, still a haul from Raleigh but he might know someone or have a recommendation for a shop that’s closer to you. Prob worth giving him a call if you can’t find anyone. Just google search Hardison Window Tinting. He does top notch work and is a great guy.
  7. I’m with this guy. I’d zoom out a bit. There is a lot going on, but none of it makes sense.
  8. If my memory serves me correctly they said their equivalent to the Milky Milky is White Dusted Matte. Don't take my word for it though......I've smoke a lot of pot in my day.
  9. From my understanding, 3M Fasara films were pulled from Solyx's product lineup. I would contact solyx by phone and inquire what their equivalent is....
  10. Looks like a bit of trash and small crease from two staging the install.
  11. To me....there are way too many manufacturing/installation issues to stand behind any one film. Plus in my area well over 60% of the windows I quote already have Low-E. The times people have called to price low-e film on their shitty single pane windows I just recommend new windows all together. Hands down the better investment most of the time.
  12. Just google ads, that’s about it. Everything else is word of mouth and referrals.