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  1. Sounds like you are way ahead of the curve, you should open up a shop and only do face shields. Then come back in a year or two for the requisite “I told you so” when you’re a millionaire.
  2. My uncle says this morning, “It’s a little chilly but nice in the sun.”
  3. Sup y’all. Up in New Hampshire for my grandpa’s funeral. Tough week but great to see all the family. Kids are loving the 2’ of snow they’ve got already. Think I’ve got my fill of snow for the year though.
  4. Thanks man, glad you like em. May do a few more for a raffle. Need to get some better shirts in different colors n shit. Kinda gave up on the helmet. Think my vinyl is crap, doesn’t take the heat well. Prob need an extra set of hands to heat and help pull.
  5. Trying to wrap my kids skateboard helmet with vinyl. Any pointers? Tried stretching the vinyl over the top of a barrel, heating it then pushing the helmet through it. Can get it most of the way but craps out at the bottom edge.
  6. Makes sense for sure TD. Like the intro page up top as well.
  7. Outside of the Plasti Dipped broom handle on the Unger Blue Max, my only modifies tool is the scraper I bent with a heat gun for getting behind blinds and commercial security gates. I know they sell angled ones but I’m too cheap and lazy to get one.
  8. This is what is usually found in my FG tool bag.
  9. Posted up my old Honda for sale, have gotten 86 offers for it in around 24 hours..... Knew I shoulda asked more for it...
  10. @Bham Snowed most of the morning. Barely anything left now. Just wind and