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  1. Just started Madalorian, only a couple episodes in and I think I like it better than the movies to be honest.
  2. Be safe Bham Well, as of the first of the year I’m going off on my own. Been in a family business since 2010 and finally decided to break off and just focus solely on the FG/shades, no more window work Been busy cleaning out the old shop and setting it all up at my house. A stressful start to the new year but I’m hopeful things will click into place.
  3. Happy New Year folks Watching my in-laws puppy today. Damn thing is too cute.
  4. btw... Merry Christmas to all the ‘s out there.
  5. No, they won’t come out. I think that is still subpar. But kudos to them for giving it another shot, I suppose.
  6. Think I got Christmas odds and ends all wrapped here. Just waiting on the big man to come. That fat fugger better be bringing assembled toys this year.
  7. Nah, that’s someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. I’d go and ask them to remove and refund the money. That’s no where near what I would call and acceptable amount of contamination.
  8. Too many resolutions to list. Reality is that I should t be waiting for the new year to start them.
  9. Sounds like you are way ahead of the curve, you should open up a shop and only do face shields. Then come back in a year or two for the requisite “I told you so” when you’re a millionaire.
  10. My uncle says this morning, “It’s a little chilly but nice in the sun.”
  11. Sup y’all. Up in New Hampshire for my grandpa’s funeral. Tough week but great to see all the family. Kids are loving the 2’ of snow they’ve got already. Think I’ve got my fill of snow for the year though.
  12. Thanks man, glad you like em. May do a few more for a raffle. Need to get some better shirts in different colors n shit. Kinda gave up on the helmet. Think my vinyl is crap, doesn’t take the heat well. Prob need an extra set of hands to heat and help pull.