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  1. I’m just about dead in the water on FG. Maybe a small breeze at most from the safety film and shade work. Staying home for the most part except when it comes to getting grocery money. Calm seas mean rough water ahead....
  2. 81* and sunny here today. Think I’m gonna drag my boat out of the garage and get her ready for the summer.
  3. All I know is either side, left or right, will never let a good tragedy go to waste. Rest assured that both parties are happy to cinch up their power with every bit of slack the American people provide them.
  4. Ok seriously I’m done after this....
  5. Aight, I get it....on the memes today but it will pass.
  6. Nope never got it working. Ended up calling them and they determined it to be a motor/board malfunction. They said it was just out of warranty so I took the L on it. If you just bought yours or it is within 1 year from purchase call them. They will warranty/refund you. I ended up with an R-Series (31”) from Sign warehouse. It’s nothing special at all but pretty solid so far for me. (Mainly just small sign vinyl projects).
  7. Phooey.....only calls I've got in the last two days are cancellations. Even the telemarketers are staying home ......I kinda miss talking to Jan from Google.
  8. Yeah, my wife is about to lose her shit with the kids.....and me.
  9. Just been messing around with some painted signs and stickers. Got too many stacking up....
  10. 'til the wife realizes I'm making money on the side.
  11. Man it's tough out there for sure. Lot of truth in what everyone is saying but these are uncertain times for hundreds of millions of people. Please be weary of anyone or group that speaks with certainty right now. Stay safe.....sanitize and prioritize.