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  1. Thanks man, glad you like em. May do a few more for a raffle. Need to get some better shirts in different colors n shit. Kinda gave up on the helmet. Think my vinyl is crap, doesn’t take the heat well. Prob need an extra set of hands to heat and help pull.
  2. Trying to wrap my kids skateboard helmet with vinyl. Any pointers? Tried stretching the vinyl over the top of a barrel, heating it then pushing the helmet through it. Can get it most of the way but craps out at the bottom edge.
  3. Makes sense for sure TD. Like the intro page up top as well.
  4. Outside of the Plasti Dipped broom handle on the Unger Blue Max, my only modifies tool is the scraper I bent with a heat gun for getting behind blinds and commercial security gates. I know they sell angled ones but I’m too cheap and lazy to get one.
  5. This is what is usually found in my FG tool bag.
  6. Posted up my old Honda for sale, have gotten 86 offers for it in around 24 hours..... Knew I shoulda asked more for it...
  7. @Bham Snowed most of the morning. Barely anything left now. Just wind and
  8. Must have been Pawpaws Sunday truck. Love those old trucks.
  9. Guess I could expand on that Solar shades are great for a lot of reasons. Outside of absorption they out perform most films, are safe for the windows and the most versatile solution since it can be lowered/raised when needed. Because of that I tend to sell a surprising amount of jobs with both shades and film. The main benefit is that the customer doesn’t have to go as dark with their film selection. Typically we will install 35-50% film with a shade that has a 10% openness. Highly effective when the sun is shining but maintaining decent visibility. Cost wise, if the customer is ok with a more basic shade setup I can do it for around the same price as film. Naturally they can get expensive when you start adding cassettes/head rails or motorization, but that is all optional add-ons. Good thing to have in your back pocket for the right situations.