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  1. Try doing a wet check when you’re done shrinking. That should highlight any areas that you are not shrinking enough.
  2. Think I put to many irons in the fire, now things are getting stoked. Feast or Famine
  3. That sucks, my grandma passed away from it last week. Of course she checked all the boxes, in a nursing home, diabetic, dementia, 86 yrs old and my gpa passed away a year ago. I think she was ready to go tbh.
  4. Supposed to get snow tonight/tomorrow. Sounds like one of them storms where it may be 2” or 12” Had one like that a few years back, called for 1-2” then when it got here they kept upping it...ended up with 16”. Kids will love it but I’m with you Roach, me not so much anymore.
  5. Never heard of peacock. I’d be interested to see it. Always doubt whether a movie could do it justice, but maybe a series.
  6. Man, them guys took it straight to the house. 2021 getting crunk
  7. Reading Brave New World again.....been about 15 years though. Some of it seems oddly relevant these days.
  8. ....and it’s raining again. Looks like no sun til Saturday.
  9. Sooo slow here, but the sun finally came out. Feels like it’s been two weeks since I’ve seen it.
  10. Kids are at the in-laws so I’m playing the Tony Hawk Pro Skater game my boy got for Christmas. Bringing back some crazy old memories
  11. Same to you Bham, and all the TDers out there.
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