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  1. Feel your pain, I did one to-day and it was a pain, ended up leaving the film long in the corners and stretching whilst heating, daren't tell you how many attempts this took me, not normally to bad on these but this was a new glass out of the car, so was a bit tricky on the stand pulling and tugging and heating, and me only having two hands
  2. No, the Velar sits between the Evoque and Range Rover Sport... it's bigger than the Evoque, it's only been out over here(UK) for about 4 weeks Evoque pic below
  3. Just thought i'd post up about the New Velar, nothing to fear, no more dot matrix, door cards pull off from the top without removing (1 screw behind door lever)these are a lot tighter than the old ones though back window is a bit tight when making a pattern...
  4. You would have to go round as many lips/edges as you can, or cut some thin strips to cover the gloss bits. I did a McLaren with gloss to make the carbon pop as it was matt and the factory option for gloss was a fortune
  5. Also when refitting the light i use a piece of scrap film between the brake light and glass to prevent ripping the new tint…happened once
  6. Not sure when i started but I'm 60 now and still tinting, and intend to carry on tinting my knees arnt in the best condition but whilst i can still get up after bending down i see no reason to stop
  7. lambchop13

    2015 Mustang

    smashing thanks for the quick reply sir
  8. lambchop13

    2015 Mustang

    Got one to do soon, (not many in the UK) do you need to remove the rear shelf to get to the last couple of inches or can it be done it place ?
  9. I've done a couple but don't recall them being difficult or hard, but then i am old and forget things,
  10. PinBall Wizard had it done for 60th birthday which just round the corner
  11. I use a Textured vinyl, the same type as used on the B posts on some cars, at the place where i buy it from it's called "Chalkboard vinyl" and it's good for the heavy traffic areas on the boot(trunk) area
  12. no i work for the best boss in England, Me
  13. Didn't do front windows Tom but the rear 1/4 where a bit of a bugger, I took the tailgate panels off to give me more room and as i had all day to do it i thought i'd explore a little
  14. two posts by me in one day, i need to calm down