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  1. Woke up to 64° morning, rain and tornadoes roll in by 1pm and now waiting on temps to drop for freezing rain and snow into tomorrow with bone chilling temps. Oklahoma Merica!!
  2. @tintdude Ric, it will all depend on whether Iran takes this as a warning or goes all out in stupid mode and declares war. I don't believe that what we did was an act of War rather it was a warning that enough was enough and here's what we can do to stop you. I myself believe it was about time we did something to let Iran know that we have had enough of them killing our people.
  3. @tintdude so sorry Ric. Tough thing losing a pet. 😢
  4. Ok it had me change my password so Im in....I think.🙄
  5. Yeah I dont care much for holiday hassel anymore
  6. Yeah I dont much care for the holiday hassel anymore.
  7. Did this sweet ride today with Wincos 60
  8. Havent had one in yet. If I did and couldnt figure it out I would either check Tint Dude to find out or google it. 😁
  9. TNTLady


    Same here @Bham but I love having less stress. 😁
  10. @Roach Whatchyou talkin about Willis???