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  1. Hate to hear that about you. I had mt MRI now waiting on dr. To get me into my neurosurgeon who did my lumbar surgeries. I know that if I gave neck surgery Ill be done tinting for good. How did you injure your neck?
  2. I left early yesterday morning to go to the gym and my hubby was still in bed so I wanted to make sure he wasnt late for work so I messaged him. I was glad I wasnt drinking coffee when I read his reply. In after thought, I could have come up with a better question the second time around like, isnt it a bit early to be drunk in the day and what the heck did you put in your coffee?
  3. Well thats different for everybody and Ive been doing it so long I dont remember how long it took to build up to two cars plus a day. Be sure to take advantage of the free google site you can claim as your business. Folks google everything nowadays so take the time to set up your page on google and add pictures for visual stimuli. Also YP or Yelp if you have them. Facebook business page is also a great freebie source for advertising. Just keep up posts to get your name out there and they will come. Good luck to you!!
  4. Im having a hard time getting my butt in gear...
  5. I have done a few of them and I crack open the bay doors and turn the car on to then turn on rear defroster and work the film so that it lays down. Yes...these rear windows are a pain.
  6. Wellllll.....if you dont show up then do they really show up? 😁 I try to reschedule cars like that because of the higher probability of those door windows freezing up around the edges and pealing off with one good yank of the door in the early frozen morning hours. Ive seen it happen.
  7. Say what?!?!? Ive been using Madico since 1987.
  8. 5 and I hate them when they come in.😬
  9. I think its its safe to say several of us are tired of the rain. Hang in the @Bham.
  10. I remember. I even removed some of that when someone put it on their van windows. What a mess.
  11. Live long and prosper Spock
  12. I did the windshield strip on a Dodge truck, one of the firsts of the lifted ones, and went to slide out but had lost track of where I was and was in a hurry. I tumbled out and landed on my head and shoulders with my feet still in the truck. I got a concussion which changed the vision in my left eye and a wrecked neck. Plus years of constantly jamming my neck by smacking my head getting in and out of cars too quickly. Im also running into difficulty maneuvering around in these new sedans with long sloping rear windows. THAT is murder on my neck.😣