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  1. Sure would be nice if Toyota would put a do not tint or use razor blades on those dang windows!! Just learned the hard way as I got the first one of those in the shop today. SHEESH!! I’ve been tinting for 38 plus years and never seen crap like this.
  2. TWO TIMES????? What? Was there a bad spot on the film or you passed out over the window and fell teeth first into the film? 😁 Just poking at ya!πŸ˜‰
  3. If you can do "yota action" then I can say Im just truckin today!πŸ˜‚
  4. That ol thing? Easy peasy!😁
  5. Did you ge it done?
  6. Anyone know anything about this film?
  7. My first thought was "no way would you do it for the amount given in 2007". Im sure film prices have gone up steadily for you as they do for the rest of us. What are you thinking man?? Asking for a friend😁
  8. Get yourself the Jiffy steam blade!
  9. Happy Thursday June 4th!! 😁
  10. Prepare to be shocked people
  11. Finally got to eat go at Las Cabos yesterday for a set down meal! OMG IT WAS SOO GOOD! Im tired of my own cooking. Lol
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