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  1. TWO TIMES????? What? Was there a bad spot on the film or you passed out over the window and fell teeth first into the film? 😁 Just poking at ya!πŸ˜‰
  2. If you can do "yota action" then I can say Im just truckin today!πŸ˜‚
  3. That ol thing? Easy peasy!😁
  4. TNTLady

    60s mustang backglass

    Did you ge it done?
  5. Anyone know anything about this film?
  6. My first thought was "no way would you do it for the amount given in 2007". Im sure film prices have gone up steadily for you as they do for the rest of us. What are you thinking man?? Asking for a friend😁
  7. Get yourself the Jiffy steam blade!
  8. Thats so awesome! Congrats!!
  9. Happy Thursday June 4th!! 😁
  10. Finally got to eat go at Las Cabos yesterday for a set down meal! OMG IT WAS SOO GOOD! Im tired of my own cooking. Lol
  11. Told my hubby that I was not looking forward to going back to work today. I have so much more that I want to do around here and We have been getting a lot of things done while home together. We have been clearing trees off the hills around our houses and pond. Cut and stacked enough firewood for 2 years. Burned brush piles. Cleared ditches for water to flow better off the hill and around our house. Cleaned out flowerbeds and mulched. Planted tons of flowering plants in containers, beds and hillsides. Built vegetable gardens here and there and have them full of veggie plants. I even repotted all my houseplants. I experienced lots of "firsts" with being home during spring time. Ive never been home when spring came because work always picked up at tax time as you all know happens. Ive seen geese come to the pond as they look for nesting areas. Found baby green red ear sliders right out on my patio. Watched hundreds of butterflies feast on our flowering privit bushes that line one of our driveways. Joined the Monarch butterfly society and reported their journey to our property and when they arrived. Discovered a large swarm of honey bees by our house that we then had a bee keeper friend come catch for us and put in a hive so that now we are learning how to manage honey bees. How cool is that?! While clearing trees we discovered 3 native pecan trees that we did not know were growing because the trees were to thick and now are thinned a bit. In that same area we also found we had a bounty of worm castings in the ditch above our house along with great enriched soil that we used in our plant and veggie gardens. Yes, we sifted the worm castings and removed worms. Another thing we have discovered we have an abundance of....earthworms! Discovered several baby snakes in one day. Saw dozens of scorpions that same day. Got stung by a scorpion for the first time and only treated it with essential oils. Found many box turtles. Called up 3 tom turkeys and one hen as my husnand looked in disbelief one afternoon. Hunted for morrel mushrooms....did not find any morrel mushrooms.... I am a rock hound so while we were working on clearing I found several large fossilized plants. Still trying to find out what type of plant they were but they are too cool! Goodness, I have gone on a bit. Guess Im trying to say that there is so much more to life than work and pursuing money. There are things to keep oneself busy and so many treasures to be found. Life is what we make of it slowing down or taking a break from the daily grind can be very good for the soul. Im gonna have to try and do more of this "stopping to smell the roses" thing again next spring.
  12. Morning everybody!! Hows evrybody doing? Somethings gotta give, Im down to 23 rolls of tp πŸ™„πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ started with 32. Ive also watched all of Jeff Dunhams shows 10 times a piece and Im running out of property to landscape. Im gearing up to go back to work Monday. Folks are tracking me down begging for me to put them on my list for when I get back to tinting. Fortunately I dont have employees and can limit people in my shop rather easily.