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  1. Thanks Roach kinda of what I was thinking so if felt good to have that validated. Here’s a pic of what we used. Interesting project, used Hanita Tek skylight film. Got to go back in a few days and do the edge seal. Thanks again for the reply.
  2. Hey guys been a while! Looking for some advice. We are going to apply an exterior film to this skylight but I’m concerned about getting on the glass. The largest panels are 102” so we have to get on the glass to install. The panels are only 22” so we can easily keep our weight on the framing but still a little worried. Anyone have experience with this type of skylight?
  3. I know this has been asked and everyone has a different opinion but I'm going to ask anyways. We have a 40" DGI that has timed out and we want to upgrade. The DGI is a work horse for sure but we are having tracking issues and uneven cutting (yes I have replaced cut strips/ blades). We use computer cut and they are recommending the Jaguar which is a decent price but wanted to get input if anyone has been using one. I like the 72" option on it but not sure if it's over kill. We do a good amount of flat but mainly solar not much deco. I have seen a few people recommend the Graphtec also, why is it better? Any info is appreciated. We are also getting into PPF so that is another consideration.
  4. Just did one of these and took the precautions mentioned and I'm still having the problem with the push button start. For you that have had this problem how was it resolved?
  5. Thank you, I just wanted to make sure i was leading the customer in the right direction. As always this site provides great knowledge from the members.
  6. Got a call from a turf guy that has an untinted upstairs window that is melting his synthetic grass. I know I have read about this on here somewhere but nothing came up during my search. Anyone have a solution? He wants me to apply frost on the exterior but that wouldn't be my first choice. Any help is appreciated.
  7. Awesome thanks for the info!
  8. Got a customer moving to Virginia that we are tinting later this week. How sticky are they on the tint laws? Custy would like 35% on the back 1/2. Do they do inspections? Thanks guys.