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  1. The spots where it's lifting should be able to be fixed pretty quickly and easily. I'd give them the opportunity to do that and also get them to fix the camera properly. Hopefully it's just the clips and they can be replaced independently of the camera, if not then they owe you a camera.
  2. Be careful that you're not changing the angle of your blade to the glass as you're making that cut, it's extremely easy to do that and it can cause some variation in the accuracy of your cut. What I've done with good results is to wet the glass and then card the film out before making that top cut to ensure the film doesn't shift and then lead my blade with a hard card to make sure the film stays tight to the glass as the cut is made since it has the tendency to want to lift as you cut which will again effect the accuracy of the cut.
  3. At this point I'm surprised it's just 1.6 mil Afternoon everyone First Saturday I've had to work in months
  4. you might want to try a water spot remover on the outside of the glass and see if that helps
  5. No idea how long you've been married, been married a little over a decade myself, just the thought of trying to navigate the crazy minefield of dating in our current time and dominate culture legitimately makes me shudder. That green shit on the other side of the fence sure looks like astro turf from here. Evening everyone
  6. Had one like that yesterday