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  1. I try to watch as many as I can or at least listen to the radio broadcast. Haven't actually made a game since I was a kid. I've tried a couple times this year but the weather keeps sabotaging my plans.
  2. Wise decision there. I'm not fond of roping glass to begin with and absolutely despised it every time I was forced to try and reuse the seal. Especially when the seal was available and inexpensive.
  3. sometimes technology is a pita
  4. Speaking of the subscribers section, the only thing that shows up there for me anymore is the door panel removal subsection, all the other threads have been m.i.a. for weeks
  5. It looked like your axle nut backed off allowing the axle to slide back out of the knuckle and tear itself up. If they just worked on that side it could be their f**k up, not tightening it to spec and forgetting to stake it or install the cotter pin, whichever setup is correct for that car. I had that happen once on a Honda Accord I used to have, I didn't stake the nut well enough and it backed off after 1100 miles or so and smoked the wheel bearing. Morning everyone
  6. I'm the same way to a degree, if I let my body do what it wants I'd stay up until 2 or 3 am and then sleep until 10 or 11 and then start my day. Since I have to keep a different schedule mornings are particularly rough.
  7. Yeah that didn't look like it was going to be much fun Morning everyone
  8. Good luck with it, hopefully it all works out for you.