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  1. I'm fortunate that 99% of my customers drop their cars. I'm with you though I really don't like when someone has to wait, my shop just isn't really set up to accommodate them well.
  2. I the medium smoke would be a reasonable one to start with and I'd avoid the blue films. The last one I bought was like bright f-ing windex blue and in my opinion asking for unwanted attention from law enforcement.
  3. That's a poor quality installation. I'd start with taking it back to the shop that did the work and give them the opportunity to make it right and go from there.
  4. Morning everyone starting the day off right, r&r on a crusty old Honda and front match on a freshly silicone greased Chevy
  5. Morning guys I had a similar experience with a Lincoln I used to own and it ultimately wound up being the computer.
  6. I would start with a legal shade, a 15-20%, and a 5%. Start with a good quality dyed film and get your feet under you and then worry about adding an upgrade option later on down the road.
  7. I'm hanging in there and keeping busy, how about yourself? It'll be interesting to see how it goes, if you look at examples like Portugal it may end up being a good thing
  8. I'll second the Luxe film, I've used some of their mid/medium smoke and it worked well for me. The other thing would be to maybe get your headlights re-aimed down a bit.
  9. Hanging in there and taking things one day at a time. How close are you to all the Portland crap?