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  1. My aunt used to have a dog that was part chow. She was a cool dog
  2. Evening everyone I still want a Fiero some day
  3. It's not going to go away on it's own. As far as living with it or getting it redone that's something you'll need to decide for yourself. If it were me and that's the only defect then I'd probably give them the opportunity to touch it up, maybe make it less noticeable and then live with it. There's always a risk of getting some type of contamination, they're never perfect. Now if there are other defects in that window that would potentially sway me the other direction.
  4. "I would rather have questions with no answers than answers that can't be questioned."
  5. the weather is nuts out here. 90's Saturday and Sunday, mid to high 80's Monday and then the temp dropped into the 20s in a matter of hours as soon as the sun started to set. Should be back in the 70's by this weekend though. It didn't used to get to me too bad but these days it really bugs me.
  6. Morning everyone Ugh so not ready for this it was 90 here just two days ago
  7. Hey everyone Technical issues so no quotes but @TintDude Mad Max's car was an Australian Ford Falcon xb GT, not a Javalin. Similar profile though. @Roach I managed a tire shop before I got into tinting and you would be shocked by some of the things we pulled out of tires that you wouldn't think would be able to punch through. The strangest one I've seen is the box end of a wrench, and not a small one either. I don't recall the exact size but it was somewhere in the 13mm-15mm range.