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  1. Congratulations @Bham! That's awesome!
  2. The glass used in GMs seems to be softer and particularly susceptible to this. I keep some glass polish on hand, it does a good job of clearing up the haze from it. It won't take out any deeper scratches but it does a great job of restoring the clarity. @no ma'am and @Bham are right, it's nothing you did only more noticeable with the tint on.
  3. The only one of your questions I can truly speak to is your second one. A 15% or 20% film applied over the factory privacy glass(almost always meters dead on 20% in my experience) in that application is going to net about 5%. Whether or not that's "too dark" is largely dependent on the individual making that judgment for themselves, if you're hoping to maintain decent visibility out of the rear windows at night I'd recommend going over them with a lighter film. A 35% will typically net in the 8-10% range and a 50% will get you closer to 15%. As far as your number 3 concern, I haven't done any full windshields but I've done plenty of sun strips on them and I've only ever had one that acted up and it was an older model that was fine after it dried out for a couple hours. That was also before I really started taking precautions to deal with the excess application solution.
  4. I've sampled all three of those suntek lines and while they weren't for me I will say I liked the CXP the best of the three. My biggest complaint with suntek, which echoes most others ive seen, is that it scratched way too easy during installation but im also really heavy handed. As a consumer you're probably not going to notice the difference and the quality of the installation should be more of the deciding factor.
  5. They really should build shit like this as hatchbacks, especially if they're going to be assholes and spec non removable headrests. The way I had to contort myself in that back seat you'd think I was a high-school kid sneaking around with the prom queen. Where's the ibuprofen, forget feeling it tomorrow it's already starting 2020 BMW 4series coupe
  6. It's a coupe unfortunately and I'm a big mother fucker so we'll see how it goes I guess. Originally the customer only wanted the sides and windshield done but we had to reschedule due to a time constraint and now it sounds like he wants to go ahead and do it all. I do usually flush the back glass so I'll double check for electronics I guess.
  7. Check with industrial chemical suppliers, I was able to get a gallon from the jobber that supplies our body shop. It was 99% though so it needs diluted.
  8. Hey @no ma'am I've got a '20 440i on the books tomorrow, didn't see much in the makes and models section, anything to really watch out for, amps, etc?