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  1. Interesting that they advertised a salary range and came back with an offer that was $15k less then their advertised minimum.
  2. My grandparents used to garden as well, best veggies and strawberries I ever tasted came out of their garden.
  3. I experimented with some squash last year, by the time I started getting things figured out and see some success we got hit with an early frost ONE night that killed it so I wound up with nothing but a good learning experience. Thinking about trying some lettuce and herbs this year for something more suited to the container I was working in. If I can get off my butt and get some raised beds built I'll attempt some squash again and maybe some tomato. My brother does several varieties of hot peppers every year with quite a bit of success.
  4. @no ma'am with the quickie! carry on!
  5. I'm still getting one or two a day, only had one cancelation and one no show so far
  6. Hell yeah, that'd be fun
  7. Jan 13: Florida Man Threatens to Kill Neighbors With Machete Named 'Kindness'