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  1. It's kind of a double edged sword there too in that there are times where I don't really have a response, or what I would respond with has already been said maybe even more than once and I'd like to hit the like/thanks button to acknowledge the post but don't feel like another post is going to add any value to the thread.
  2. I'd hit the defroster lines with 0000 steel wool, you'll see them start to shine up as it cleans all the oxidation off them, just be careful not to go too far and don't use any steel wool other than 0000 or you'll scratch the glass. The tint should lay right down on them, having it on the bench will make it easier to get your film positioned before squeegeeing it out.
  3. The best way to do that particular piece of glass is to remove it and tint it on the bench with all the hinges, strut mounts, latch, etc. removed. It's pretty easy and straightforward to remove, if you need help figuring out the lift struts look up lift strut replacement for that vehicle on YouTube, it's a lot easier to understand what you need to do when you can see vs reading it. From 97-04 the Infiniti Qx4, Nissan Pathfinder, and Honda Passport are basically the same vehicle.
  4. I'd say the film is grey with slight purplish brown undertones when viewed from the inside
  5. it's got an odd appearance that's hard to describe. It sucks to work with too.
  6. just got a film cut, it's been a couple years forgot just how bad that stings I think the answer to that one depends on the day @tintdude most of the time I still enjoy them but there are days that I'm just over it.