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  1. The Razors Edge

    The Razors Edge

  2. Thanks guys this slip tape works great
  3. This has to be the best extraction blade I have used in my career. This thing glides effortlessly, while plowing the slip solution from behind the film.
  4. I currently use Global QDP and recently received a sample of their ceramic film , as for FlexFilms PanaFlex I have had zero issues with it and it sells And performs great and it is cost effective. As for the LLumar you hit the nail on the head I was told by a another shop that we couldn't have it nothing drives a person harder than pure arrogance of another . I have been the only tinter in my shop for 25+ years until my recent hiring of TM B he is s legimate asset and he feels he can perform better using the film he has used for 15 years. So I got it for him , I agree it is hard to put LLumar up on a pedestal when they turn their nose up at you. And when a film like Global is just as good IMO .
  5. Ryker not quite sure what the motive is here , my basic notion was to point out that we have went out of the way to get a dyed film that costs more money with less benefits and yields less profit than the films I already have . As for smoke and mirrors I have slides that I coated with film samples myself . So I know what is on the slides , so when you can feel the difference of heat transmission with you own hand it is hard to deny . Although I know there is different methods for testing the film but this is a way to show the customer the difference in the films I sale . As for a secret weapon I to my knowledge have not boasted or implied that I have one . For the person concerned with how many posts I have made in two years . Well the way this whole thread has been attacked by a few people's ideas it would keep folks from wanting to be a part of this forum . However I find it entertaining . I can go another two years without posting at all . For the smart one concerned with a car heating up even with tinted windows you are most Likley correct. So why tint at all . See you Gus in another two years
  6. the truth is tin don't work at all it's all propaganda. But you already knew that . Because you are the tint guru .
  7. Still open to being taught something new though. Edit: But I still need to understand why today's car cabin with sound proof and insulation and mirror film on the windows will heat up to 140+ on a 90 degree day? It's called convection I hope this helps.
  8. I'm sure you know exactly what you are talking about and yes a metalized film reflects more heat and energy than a dark colored film . I guess my point is we can't use mirrored films on our cars like on a commercial or residential application so the next best thing would be a product that would reflect and absorb solar energy , so that would be a ceramic film . I can tell you know your stuff about all the numbers and you get a rise out putting folks SO TO SPEAK In their respective place , I get that by Rykers comment . But the fact remains the consumer only understands what They are interested in, how much does it cost ,is it legal , how dark can I go. So my point in talking about different types of construction is simply this. when I am trying to up sale and all my Films look similar and all have a lifetime warranty, I use a heat lamp display as a closing tool , due to the fact most customers think a darker film makes the car cooler over the legal limit of film .So when I use the heat lamp with any shade % Dyed film comes in dead last then 35% metalized film is next , then a carbon based film of the same shade . But when you bring out a ceramic film in as light as70% then they get the pictur it comes in first . My point being I won't debate numbers with you I'm sure you will put me in my place , but the fact can't be denied that on a device that common people or customers understand and at the legal limit of film % the ceramic film closes the deal on the heat lamp display . I know there is more to it than meets the eye and the results can be deceiving but non the less most folks had rather see and relate to something they can actually understand vs. being made to feel inferior or just plain confusing them . I myself look for the highest SPF sun block and I don't have someone confuse me while trying explain all the variables of its chemical make up .I just want to know it works and without side effects . Like a metal reflective film that does the best job interferes with certain signals .
  9. You sir are easily amused , NO. Hair splitting has been done, and cars are insulated and also filled with up to 3 types of sound deadening materials that act as insulators, GLASS is also a type of insulator , but you are correct on one aspect when a car is moving, the wind sheer does change the surface temperature but by having an IR. blocking film on the glass it speeds up that process , meaning when the temp outside is hot the AC system don't have to work as hard to balance the humidity and regulate the temperature . Therefore a metalized / reflective/ or a film coated with carbon or ceramic particles out performs a traditional dyed film . Which is what we have went through so much grief to obtain. IMO I had rather use a relatively unknown film such as TeraFlex Carbon over LLumar ATR. Which is a dyed metalized film , OLD TECHNOLOGY even when you make an up sale to ATR ovrr ATC you still have to use the ATC. On the rear glass or windshield where signal enabling is required.and you are back at square one DYED film, the point is the tinter at my shop is payed 50% of the total invoice, but he likes LLumar so much he has agreed to do a 60/40 just to get to use it . So it makes up for the difference in cost but , I sell a carbon tint job for more money and the film costs less than the DYED LLumar.
  10. You are correct, Ocala but I will prove two points by doing so , one is that on a heat lamp display, or a beam splitter , the house brand out performs LLumar by leaps and bounds. even the Air 80 and the CTX which are both a Dyed ceramic hybrid. the other is that the other shop said that they would not allow me to get it... but I now have it. so the joke is on them ALL they can use is LLUMAR . I have it and three other brands .
  11. Here is where the situation stands at the moment , we found a loop hole that allows us to buy LLumar film without a buy in , nor do we have to make a minimum purchase yearly, or use LLumar exclusively, we do pay a little more in the beginning but none the less we can offer what some installers think is the best film in the business. The thing that started this situation was my inquiry into becoming a PPF dealer , as I already have a vinyl graphics and design business, I received information packets and samples from 3m suntek and LLumar, but since I had previously used LLumar from the early 80's until late 90's, where I first purchased from GDI , and then from Cortaulds performance films , I figured I was a shoe in to get it . The rep talked a good game there was mention of a buy in and minimum purchases which I considered. But after two weeks of no response I contacted the rep again , it seems there is another dealer in the area , well in another county all together and the rep says the other dealer is an exclusive LLumar dealer/ installer and has been loyal since the early 90's and he does not want another LLumar dealer in his area,the problem is he doesn't do PPF , the fact is he uses the basis of having LLumar as his line of film as a distinct advantage and doesn't want a LLumar banner flying at my shop . Thing is he thinks that the banner would falsely attract tint customers to my shop. We only have 1.5 to 2% of our customers ask for film by name and only half of that number knows what LLUMAR is . As it stands the only advertising I do is on Facebook and free sites , I don't even have a sign in front of my shop , but things are changing as we speak we are having a web site created , I am designing a sign for the shop , and are in the process of having a company to lease a spot on my property to install a billboard sign which I will advertise on so a LLumar banner is the least of my worries. However the installer wants to use LLumar so we went out of the way to get it for him, so he is now as happy as he can be .