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  1. Why don't you start offering PPF for toilets while you're at it?
  2. Interesting. Maybe they're sending all of the defective rolls to me? I order all rolls with cap sheet which did cure the hazy lines I was seeing. I've sent back over 20 rolls due to dead adhesive or major blemishes. It gets very frustrating especially when jobs are stacked during the busy season.
  3. On large hoods like this I add extra soap to my slip. The weird thing is it will behave like a pocket of trapped moisture. I've only noticed this on the 72" rolls
  4. Just use it sparingly on areas that are being difficult. A small can of Pro Bond lasts me 4-5 years
  5. If there’s dirt stuck to the adhesive that part of the film is toast. FYI the adhesive is always activated. Just trim it and send it.
  6. Photo shows the current issues that look like trapped moisture.
  7. I’m a ten year installer and have used 3M, XPEL, STEK and have been using Suntek exclusively for the past five years. The first 8 months everything was fine, adhesive was great, no blemishes no comebacks. Then all of a sudden almost every roll there with issues with blemishes and dead adhesive where it wouldn’t even stick glue side to glue side. This went on for months until it was escalated to the North American sales manager. To fix the problem I was told it would be noted in my account that I was to receive rolls with the highest master roll number and that it would go through a secondary quality inspection. Wether this is just BS or not I don’t know, but for the next six months the film was perfect again. Now six months later the same issues pop back up and I’m exchanging 50% of the rolls I ordered, so I remind the salesperson when I order about the notes in my account and the film goes back to normal again. Now here we are again same issues and more lost time and profits which Suntek could care less about. Also I’ve been having areas that look like trapped moisture that won’t dry out but feel and behave like trapped moisture as in this pic. This just started a couple of months ago. All I get from Suntek is we haven’t heard of these issues and it’s highly unusual. I’m at a crossroads here as when Suntek is on point it is amazing, but when it’s not it really sucks. Anyone else have similar issues with Suntek they would like to share?
  8. All of those photos are staged. Look at the lab coats, you can still see the creases from them being folded up. Just more XPEL BS.
  9. Just give him the we won't be a good fit line. If he wears his sunglasses all the time he must be a huge douche knot!
  10. First time it happened to me I thought the same thing. The defects are raised like welts and are usually in a symmetrical pattern, definitely not an install defect.
  11. The defects in the last pic at the front of the hood is a manufacturing defect known as cat tails. They are un-melted urethane pellets. The installer needs to redo that or any other panels affected with those defects and send the defective pieces back to the manufacturer for a credit. I see this with Suntek from time to time and they are great about replacing the film.
  12. Eric, You are not alone. That's why a lot of installers went to Suntek including myself. I hear from my XPEL rep once a year if I'm lucky, although the Rep I had before this one did call me once a month to see if I needed anything. I've also noticed a few long term XPEL loyal installers also switching over to Suntek.