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  1. I use it for only a year with no returns,i know its a short period of time but its a start.Also wanna mention that the CS for some reason does not create penauts while other lines of films i carry do. I had 2 A5 audis and both went crazy with the penauts on the think defroster lines,when i applied the CS got zero.Must be a more aggresive glue
  2. First comment on a the last youtube vid of this company -doesnt matter if your film fails at 6 months i guess.. -owner reply: 4 days ago (edited) Not sure what you are talking about. Most people would think you should not waste your time on a film like Prime sold by a company who does not make it and will not tell where it is made or how it is made or even how it performs that has not even been out for two years. How do you know it will fail or not? It is still in the honeymoon period. Flexfilm has been out for 10 years. Where are all the failures at? We are still waiting for people to call us. We are not perfect and have had a few quality control issues over the last decade but far less than Xpel. Every tint manufacturer will have some on occasion. If anybody enjoying these comments wants the highest performing film manufactured by a Global 500 company who is the largest film manufacturer in the World, check out where you can get some at And if you really like Xpel film , you will like our Retroflex. We use the other supplier like Xpel for some of that fast shrinking deep dyed Gen4 product that everyone seems to love
  3. Erm just keep doing with 35% since you roll with Suntek for so many years.Customers shouldnt be able to see the diffrence
  4. Unfortunately i still frankst cause i seem to get a couple of specs of dust with reverse roll.Not that Frankenstein method is guaranteed zero specs job but you know what i mean.My question is..can you use reverse roll and get a perfect back window?is it possible?
  5. Hey everyone i searched the forum,there were a few mentions for the black pearl ceramic but didnt really help me so i started this topic. I live in a warm country in Europe and thinking of getting Madico ceramic in my store as a good ceramic film since i cant get any other good ceramic in my hands. I have asked around and i am getting mixed answers..Some say its a top notch film and some others say it turns purple in 2 years or so and the company doesnt warranty it after all Has anyone in this forum tried it?Does it shrink well?Does it haze alot?