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  1. Is there a secret to these front doors or can you 2 step this one with out pulling door panels.
  2. Just ask for a refund and keep the film. Tell them your being cool. Or they can buy you a new windshield and refund the money back and you have it tinted somewhere else. If the marks bug you enough then ask for new glass.
  3. Has anyone done one yet, Im wondering about the rear window shrinking.
  4. Your correct about them never fitting on the top. So every roll up I actually shave with an xacto knife for over 30yrs, so this really doesn't bother me that it doesn't fit the curvature on the top. Its when the pattern is an 1/2 inch short on the bottom of an 1/2 inch short on the side. They should design the patterns to at least go under the seal a min of a 1/4 inch.
  5. Next time ask the guy if he folds his socks and underwear. This is my common question to see if someone is a***. Roach is 100% correct here.
  6. I wonder if we can start a new page just for a list of bad pattens on tintek 2020. This would be very helpful, the manufacture of the program does not seem to update or fix bad patterns. The amount of film I waste every month is equivalent or more than the cost of the program. Im going back to hand cutting on all doors. Suv. rear windows seem ok and rear windows of trucks. That about what this program is really good for.
  7. Don't touch this job" just walk away." It will bubble in the sun and your will be buying the guy a new window. due to you cannot get the old film off with no glue.
  8. Are the fisheye looking marks evenly space apart on the whole windshield and are the size of a nickel or dime. If so take off your polarized sunglasses then look. This maybe the problem if so, its the glass and the tint makes them easier to see.
  9. Be careful with new mirai, it has that special uv tinting that a razor blade with scratch. Also does anyone else know of any other toyota products we need to worry about.
  10. whats to year make and model. Its not a old honda crv is it?
  11. Does anyone know of a dyed film that matches the toyota Tacomas 4runner rear windows. Looking for a film that has that prepurpled look.
  12. Does anyone know how much does xpel pay per warranty for their car window film. Is their a certain amount per window and a max per car.
  13. Thanks guys I really appreciate your input
  14. Are there any coatings on the front doors of the rx series.
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