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  1. Does anyone know of a dyed film that matches the toyota Tacomas 4runner rear windows. Looking for a film that has that prepurpled look.
  2. Does anyone know how much does xpel pay per warranty for their car window film. Is their a certain amount per window and a max per car.
  3. Thanks guys I really appreciate your input
  4. Are there any coatings on the front doors of the rx series.
  5. If its a ceramic film, this could be a thing called"low angle haze, that happens when the sun is low in the sky. It maybe that ??????
  6. This is from the factory because the scratches are in the ceramic black part of the window. This is hidden under the sealant area of which the film cannot not go that far down Most likely done at the manufacture. or they broke the glass at the dealer ship and had another one installed by a bad installer. The first picture says it all because its is in the black out area. This can only be scratched if you have the glass out of the car.
  7. Does this car need felt on the doors. I haven't tinted one yet. Also Is there anything to watch out for. Electronics etc.........
  8. Had a customer that came in with an 2001 jeep Cherokee, the rear window has the black ceramic, the 2 rear side windows did not. They were full of crust and dirt and went really deep in, Theres no way you trimming rubber out to hide the edge of the tint. I told the customer there will not be edge to edge fit and may have some degree of contamination in them. Well he wasn't having that, The only way to tint those 2 windows perfect is to pull them glass out with 20yr old rubber and remove the interior around the window, also the paint had pealing problems. I and he passed on tinting the car then. He was expecting that I can tint those 2 windows with no gaps and no dirt. Are these type of jobs even worth it. He was also supposed to send us a pictures of those windows before he brought it in. What a waste of an appointment slot today. He was a nice guy though.
  9. Ive been getting back warranties on rear windows in 2-3 years using rayno s-5. This is not acceptable especially when rayno makes you jump threw hoops to get paid. I can just see all the warranties coming in this year. at 150.00 max per car its going to be a tough year. Ive been hearing good things about global ceramic films. What can anyone tell me.
  10. How many of you guys can guarantee a perfect job with no dots in any of the windows. Is this even possible. I have a customer that thinks it possible. What do you do with customers that want this type of service on their car.
  11. Back window went ok, you can only remove the center headrest. You don't have to remove any rear brake light The 4drs are screwed. theres a hydrophobic coating on the glass and makes it an impossible install if your 2 steping the windows. Also the rear doors are like the bmw 7 series the bad ones to tint. The doors panels have to be removed because you cannot heat the glass up and pound out an creases you may have due to all the glass is laminated. Bringing car back to dealership and see what plan b is. Theres no way im pulling those door panels off the car. Probably 6k per panel. This car is now on my list of cars to never touch. Unless the dealer ship removes and reinstalls all door panels before and after installation. What a money losing day this turned out to be.
  12. there are no specs on 3m site??? Tser?????
  13. You really look at the film on a car with the sun at different levels in the sky. Some film will have a low. angle haze due to the ceramic particles. Usually only noticed when the sun is at a low angle to the window.