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  1. Interesting. Not a installer but a possible consumer I'll be sure to ask a future installer about this.
  2. I mostly agree with you, my issue is when someone says this is our authorized installer. Most of the issue is the installer, if they weren't authorized it 100% would be the installer not the manufacturer in my situation. You trust that a manufacturer would vet the installer before listing them as authorized. My issue is how they handled the situation when they wouldn't comment on the install after being provided images while other PPF companies for comparison stated it wouldn't be up to their standards. Other companies stated to varying degrees they would be more involved mediating the issue if trust or communication was a issue before going the legal route such as sending a 3rd party to inspect and verify claims. I spoke with other paint protection film companies after no response from STEK to ask about their protocol for when a installation goes bad for context. What I meant in the second part of my original response was that you shouldn't pay attention to the film as much as who's actually installing it the reason for my example of the bad install. The trusted installer ultimately decides what the final product is and the buyers satisfaction. A warranty on a film may be useless if the buyer has to keep going back to original shop that in theory keeps having to fix the install. A question to ask in retrospect for any PPF is if the installer no longer offers the product what happens to your warranty for peeling? I agree technically it's not a film defect if it peels but an installer issue so that may be a gray area. We need to be more aware of the stipulations of any warranty on the product and the manufacturers policies for claiming it. When doing prior research I do understand that some films have differences in clarity that may be very important to people along with the thickness of the film for high wear areas. There are multiple manufacturers of PPF that may meet different priorities. A local store may be a ATT authorized reseller but when something goes wrong you then contact ATT corporate to resolve it if you can't get a resolution from the local authorized reseller.
  3. Yes unfortunately I didn't find the forum earlier. I agree as we found out the hard way when one of their Authorized installers did a horrible job STEK corporate kept directing us back to the installer which left a knife mark on the film/car and overall a sub par peeling install which also missed a few trim parts. Proceed with caution. Don't pay attention to the film but look at the shop that's doing it and ask if they sub out the work that's more important in my opinion.
  4. PPF if done properly like on the other cars that were done by the dealer/ factory can make maintenance a lot easier especially when you pay extra for out of range paint etc.
  5. The shop said they will redo it but the shop allowed the car to go out like this with the cut mark etc when they installed the Ceramic coating and was unresponsive after. The value is too high for small claims court unfortunately in NY. The manufacturer STEK I've been sending emails to daily with no response aside from after the second email asking to schedule a call but took several days and called finally made contact.
  6. Hi everyone, I was looking for a PPF forum that had this product installed already as I figured someone may have had a similar issue. Having a horrible experience with a PPF install that went wrong for someone I know, the whole car is peeling, knife mark, film doesn't meet the edge of panels and isn't uniform some is tucked some isn't. Installer said they would fix it then would respond intermittently about when to bring the car back. After the knife mark and the poor quality of the install you would see why someone would be hesitant. I tried contacting the manufacturer which directed us back to the installer end of last year. Then a bad game of phone tag when both parties were away for the holidays with the installer saying to come in when his PPF installer is present to look it over even though I sent over a dozen photos up close of the issues. Finally they got it seen last month by the original installer when they had their installer present which agreed the film install was bad and needed to be replaced. They said they would call back in about two weeks almost four weeks ago and never did until this week. They only responded after sending a email to the manufacturer stating they want a different STEK authorized installer to fix/ replace the film and ceramic coating or a refund which then they would pay to have the film stripped and go with a different brand which stands behind its product like 3M assuming the knife mark is not below the film into the clear coat or paint. The original installer agreed the install was bad and that they fired the person they had doing their PPF when it was originally installed last year. On top of the PPF CarPro CQuartz coating was paid for. What do you guys suggest? These photos are a few months old when I first started trying to get the manufacturer aware of the issue so peeling is worse now. On their other vehicles done by either the manufacturer or dealer with 3M PPF the films edges can't be clearly seen and they are much tighter around the edges of the front bumper etc also they never peeled or needed to be touched up. All of their cars are cleaned by the same people and the 3M film hasn't had a issue over several years. Some chrome trim I found also wasn't covered and it was supposed to be a full PPF install. For a point of comparison I asked Suntek and Xpel to review the images if their installers had installed this if it was up to their standards and they both agreed it was not and if it was their product they would have been involved including sending someone to inspect the work. STEK would not comment and directed me back to the installer. Though I did speak with a salesperson which agreed with me about when film would peel which is when its overstretched or a issue possibly with prep. From what i can find there should be a slip then tack solution at least for 3M. What would you do in this situation and what do you think went wrong with the install to cause it all to peel when no pressure washer was used?