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  1. Sorry, just seen this now. you put the window down then up and hold up the button for 10 sec. Should be good after that.
  2. Just did my first one today ( just the fronts) cake... didn't remove anything on the door... just tuck like I always do. The only pain is the safety feature on the windows that if it faces resistance while rolling up, will automatically roll down, thus buggering your tint. Had to reset the switch and then all was good in the world again.
  3. It's the same as last years, but without the black border, so it's harder to leave the brake light out ( which I hate doing). I was able to slide the tint up under the brake light and used a Titan... a bit of work but it turned out great.
  4. Has anyone done one yet?.... does the brake light come out easy?
  5. Maybe I'm blind but I can't find a forum in Makes & Models for MINI... any help?
  6. Nevermind... called the dealer. use a 90 degree hook tool and pull sideways... similar setup to BMW... but stoopider!
  7. C:\Users\Trimline\Downloads\20200827_103943.jpg I'm trying to remove the 3rd brake light but I haven't seen this type before ( I don't do a lot of Mercedes)... any experts that can help? The cover has 2 small round pieces with small holes in them... seems like a key type situation. Thanks
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