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  1. Sorry for my bitterness in my last post! No hard feelings really! but where he’s overcharged is the fact of the materials used an the time, I myself an my workers have done plenty of high end cars like this one. But like you said we need a full picture of the car an a better picture inside to really see if it’s a true Lamborghini or not! With them pictures it could be anything and he just ain’t happy an said it was a high end car! The side note of my shop we charge a flat rate on 99% of vehicles, the other 1% being the two an only vw bugs an the great vette back glass, we do charge an extra $100 for them, my 6 employees and me can get them done in one shot or maybe it take us 3,4,5 shots. It just depends on the day. I’ve had one call me that’s tried a bug three times an wanted help an I got it done in one try, also it’s been the other way around I’ve had a bug and vette that’s gave me so much trouble I passed it to someone else an they got it first try. Moral of my story is, let’s see more pictures (which I doubt the OP will ever come back) and we can go from there!
  2. Lmao just want to comment real quick on the feeling bad for making over the 50k a year mark 😂😂😂😂 I don’t feel two F’s bad for making well an hell over 50k a year from tinting, my tint shop is well surpassing that plus paying employees, and the electric bill every month, also built the $45k shop they all work in from giving people an honest price 😂 😂 if you’re over charging you’re over charging, good for you! Come visit my shop, cause I’ll show you what a legit shop that has 110% reliable customers look like! damn I’m done here for a while, my best wishes to all you tinters!
  3. I guess that’s the difference between a small town tinter an a big city tinter, small town treats every with a fair an reasonable price no matter what it is, an the city sees the brand of car an sky rockets the price, pretty greedy in my opinion
  4. If you look up tint stuff on your tube he has a little different way of tinting, he kinda rolls the sides in if that makes sense, it’s either tint stuff or tint studio
  5. Not sure if your meaning the little water that’s let behind or that it looks like it’s doing a weird peeling look around the edge? The little bit of water should be dried out sometimes it takes a little bit of a lot was left in, but I 110% agree with that price, they gave you a price based on that badge on the front, my advice would be next time you need a couple windows done call the shop an ask about a cheaper car, way cheaper like a Ford Explorer or something, then call in with the lambo an ask why there’s a difference, cause that’s an insane price
  6. A heat gun an a lil chizzler should take the little crease out, sometimes I get the crease to an that’s always worked for me
  7. Yeah as long as there not huge spots they’ll dry out for ya
  8. I agree, you should be able to take it back an they should be willing to replace your windshield an reinstall. or at least give your money back
  9. Oh heck I guess I’ve been 2 steppin this whole time I never even new it! 😂 yeah the front bottom of them can be a real pita for sure ! On tighter spots like that I always throw a little extra soap in myself it seems to help me a little
  10. Sorry I’m old school but what’s a 2 step? I’ve never removed any panels on anything I’ve done. I’ve done a few cx9’s an I haven’t removed anything at all?
  11. Sadly just like Coach Greg says “more Spews for more views” people do anything for attention an click bait these days
  12. I used to do a happy medium when I get a vette or VW bug in, I price it to where I’m willing to do it at, an I also say I’ll have it all day. The vettes I can got more often then not in the first round these days but the bug tests me, I’ll shrink either or until I get frustrated then walk over to the other car in line an work on it for a few until o get my bearings back, then go back to it
  13. Also want to add you said you can’t feel the scratches, so that’s even more then likely on your first layer of tint, it’s kinda a live with it or do one layer of tint really adding to it again sorry haha if your guessing your windows are 10% with two layers of film, why didn’t you just have someone install 5% film to begin with? It would be even darker an more happy by the sounds of it
  14. If you rolled it down an back up an seen scratches the debris that’s scratching it is in your bottom seal for the window, you could pop it out an try to clean it but trust me you have so many microscopic particles in that seal you’ll never get it clean. Ive tinted brand new cars/trucks with less then 10 miles on them an have had people calling back asking what the vertical scratches are. Especially having double layer you have double the thickness, meaning that brings the tint out further into the seal to rub on. For the horizontal scratch more then likely it was there before an you didn’t notice it until you got the xtra layer put on, A cars glass can look relatively scratch free an the second you put tint on it it’ll show up every flaw in the window
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