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Need Help with Mercedes

Guest Rama

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This one has the stiff rubbers, going to scratch the tint. Would take the door panels off and line the rubbers with felt BUT its got air bags in the doors. What do I do?

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Guest Olfablade

you can't set the bags off by merely pulling the panels. The A/B unit is mounted to the metal door. It is not connected in any way to the panel :thumb

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Thanks olfa, called the dealer this am about it, he told us the same thing. Pulled one panel off, and then figured out how to pull back just the top of the panel, pull the rubber, put on felt, slide it back into place. Was better than having to pull the panels off. Don't like pulling panels, personal pet peave. Thank you for your advice and the pics!

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Guest Litespeeds


Anytime you need any info right away, you can always give me a call or shoot me an e-mail the night before. Almost all MBZ's you should be able to take off a couple of screws and then pull up on the top of the door panels and get a hook tool to pull out the trim piece. To make things easier when you put it back in, spray a little bit of soap solution onto the rubber so it slides in easier.

When it comes to BMW's, most of them you can pull the top part of the panel back and use your hook tool to remove the trim.

I guess I have not been around here lately because I just noticed that you changed your name from Tintboy to Tintgirl. I guess Brian has been working too hard to jump online. :lol

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