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Scrathced glass.. repairs..

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Guest Windshieldwizard

We specialize in glass replacment and have done many scratches we use a jewelers polish which is avaliable from a local glass supplier like ppg. but as a rule of thumg on laminate glass if you can feel the scratch it pretty much wont come out and on tempered glass it is next to impossible to get out. Tempered is such a hard glass that it will leave a rub mark usuallly before it will coem out and a small scratch like 2 inchs long can take upto a hour to buff so the cost factor to replace is then thought out....

I hope this helps

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when I use to fit glass jewlers ruge was great...but also use to get the accional distorsion if working on lamanated glass if using a buffer, never used a buffer always done this by hand

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Guest Kokomo Tint & Dent

what kind of buffer do any of you use? I have the dremel buffing attatchments, a 3" air buffer, a 7" electric buffer, and buffing wheels for my die grinder. Any one or combination of these get the job done? I only have light scuffs, nothing huge.

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