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Great priced steamer

tint bandit

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I dont let the employees use my Vapor steamer because of the cost....and they finally dropped the ultra shark that I modified so at Harbor frieght I seen this unit...and after testing it for power and ease of use...I like it...the hose is twice as long as my 2000.00 dollar unit ....this makes it easier to use on interiors or higher areas in my opinion... :dunno Heats quick also :dunno


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I checked pricing between a few companys and sewserg.com had the best price, also there are many different steamers to choose from.

The site was a little slow! These steams help out so much when it comes to cleaning door jambs, carpet, rims, and I even tried it on the oh-@#$% bar, it seems to get all the grim n dirt off the vinyl. I think even if you have an extractor one of these machines are a must!

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We used the steamer to its max today "Latex paint in Caravan.."also today on a high dollar conversion van that the owner didnt want an xtractor used in it...Sprayed the xtractor solution on the carpet ."spray bottle method"..then used the medium triangle brush to steam 2 ft areas at a time then vacum and micro towel...Worked great and dried in 2 hours :lol My employees even like useing it because of the long hose :lol Tip ...the mount that the trigger rest on like seen in pics...needs to have a strong silicone put in hole before putting in mount so it dosnt pull out :lol

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