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Dear TTC

Guest Rama

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How does one effectivly deal with stress? It's getting so bad I forget everything. Used to never forget a thing, now I can't remember what I started doing 5 min ago, let alone a customer I bid a job for a week ago and have NO CLUE who they are. I'm either getting alzheimers, just plain old at 31 or or or? Maybe I just need to quit and get a real job!

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Life gets crazy sometimes. Just write stuff down and refer back often. As for the moment to moment stuff, the more you stress the more you forget. Just let it go, who cares if you forget a few details. If it was important someone will let you know :bat

Live life like you just don't give a shiot :bat Try to believe everything will work out one way or the other with or without you!

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Live life like you just don't give a shiot :thumb

I've got to agree with this for the most-part...If you live like you don't give a shiat, details fall in your lap...whereas, if you constantly focus on the details, some will fall through the cracks. It's also important to have people around that you know will help you catch those details if they start falling.

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