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Guest tint rookie

no joke s*x sells. my old lady makes a killing. im a good shuck and jiver with the ladies and do relatively decent with gearheads. but for the 20-40(borderline v!agra crowd) my ol lady is the swoop.

I just need to find a weapon for old people. they seem easily spooked. and I would h@te to have to resort to using that as a selling tool.....excuse me, is that a liver spot or cancer, better start blocking them u.v. rays out now.

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wtf r u saying leo :hmmm?  I can always tell when u r on the gorbi juice :hmmm


He's saying nek!d chicks get customers better than low price... I bet he's right. :bat


But not ONLY, I want to ask how are You fighitng for customers? Only with low prices? There are many other ideas like, for example, graphic jobs, which can't do at h@ck shops, color choise, free coffe & muffin during tinting, pool at the workshop, e.t.c. Not everybody like to walk around his car some 2 hours when you are tinting...Somebody will happy pay more and watch TV, :beer e.t.c. during the work....But there are many other trick... I am sad to hear that you in America tint cheaper than I here...

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