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ugh....what a wonderful day

Guest tint rookie

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Guest tint rookie

more or less a post to vent, and to keep ya'll in the loop.

the carwash I rent my shop out of, is alledgedly scheduled for demo in december (if it dosent sell first), and closing its doors the end of this month. which means, im outa there as well.

pizzles me of, in here for almost 5 mos., the buzz is done out there, people were getting to know where to find the best work in town.

right before winter......need I say more?

looks like im going mobile for a couple months till I find another suitable shop. gonna be tough ive been 5 mos. spoiled. already have potential outlooks for future buss. direction. but by no means was I ready to put em into action just yet.

any one else wanna kick my dog, today?

bring it.

im too stuborn to quit now.

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Guest autotinter

tint rookie from what I know of u since I joined tintdude.com, I dont think u will have any problem relocating and dealing with all that bs, the car wash owner is forcing u to deal with! U seem like a strong minded person and will find a solution!! Maybe u will find an even better location! Just remember everything happens for a reason! good luck!

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boy do I understand,

but I agree with mr autotinter, maybe you'll end up somehere better, besides, carwashes arentall that great to begin with, so dont sweat it budd, just make sure you find somewhere to move before they shut down that place over there..........

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Guest tint rookie

almost scary the way things work out.

looked at three potential shops today.

1st one, perfect.

found some funding, and a detailer to cohabitate and split the shop costs.

unrealistically speaking, could be in there b4 the end of the month

but reality is what you make of it, right?

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Guest Braud Spectrum

They're probably all diffferent for different territories, but my yellow page deadline is a couple days away. Might be enough time for you to get in the new book that comes out in December if you hurry. At least get a listing if you are sure about the new location.

If not... it's worth a couple bucks a month to have that existing phone number roll to the new location if it's not in the same exchange and you can't keep the old one.

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Guest tint rookie

I just did my first REAL yellow page add. (BIGGER and BADDER than all the others in town). I called my rep last night, just struck the address out. ill be in the same calling area so the # wont change.

I like the bigger and better attitude towards the shop. listen to me, mr low overhead :spit . getting a bigger shop :lol . (I already got the new #'s cut in half without halving a partner)

the carbon line, im not too familiar with it. I was considering it. what kind of dodge? whatcha using for slip? let us know if that ghosting goes away, (I usually only see it in colder temps with the HP line, small amount that goes away within a day)

I slept like sh!t last night

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