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Audi A3 2003

Guest Dazzaboy4374

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Just Tinted an A3 but rubbers on window very tight. Would have been easier taking glass out, any ideas on how to remove glass?? Thanks


oh man, dont try removing glass on AUDI's, you'll end up in the hospital mang..... :dunno

remove panels and do the best you can..

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Guest k-tintz

I know this is an old thread. I did a A3 yesterday. a 1999 model.

for the front doors, we just took the doors to bits.

about 4 screws for the panel (lift up then pull). then taking the glass out was easy.

couple of screws either edge of the door.then the whole upper frame comes out. you have to lift up cos there's pins at the top that drop down to hold it in pace. unclip the wires and lift out. then to remove the glass from the frame its just 2 more screws. (make sure window is wound down fully).

it sounds like a lot, but it dont really take that long. I did this cos it was a re-do. when I did it the first time, the felt side gaskets ruined the finish so this time took it to bits, lol.

factory finish. to the tip of every edge :beer


not a brilliant pic. was getting dark when I finished.

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I done a 2004 A3 Hatchback and it really cheesed me off. back glass and sides were a doddle but the felt on the front doors is way too tight.

After struggling with the panel, I realised the the post 03 models are totally different to the earlier models because you can't take the door to bits. Its a mates car so I tinted it without removing glass but if anyone knows how to remove glass please let me know.

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Guest naughtydog

see above!

I worked at an audi dealer 10 years ago and the whole door frame is removed seperately from the door- - a bit of a pain.

I normally dont remove the glass but when the money is right- -will do.


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