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I walked and never looked back!

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The scene....... :rollin

Got an invite to quote a home.

Did that but another company was also in selling Sungard Optima for maximum heat rejection. Film literature says it is designed and built for Australian conditions. :bmw

I had a better price.

77 lousey sq.ft.

Why don't you have a lifetime warranty?

I can do but it's not realistic. Went through all the reasons why. Took no notice of intelligent reasoning.

But she believes their product has to be better because of it. :lol

So she now reckons she needs to do more research.:spank

I was not getting through to her, brain dead. She definately wants this warranty for life in writing.

So I up my gear, collected my brochures, told her she was wasting everybody's time, turned my back on her and walked out forever.

A vote for the honest tinters still left in the world.

I h@te this crap! I don't have to put up with it. :beer But I can afford to walk when it doesn't suit!

I can't wait to see this install in 25 years time. :lol2


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