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Quality of construction

Guest pmuzik

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Is it just me or are any of you seeing the overall quality of residential construction going down ?

we do a lot of work in new and even NEVER lived in houses and were seeing a lot (much more anyway) Pizz poor detail work yet let Harry or Harriet home owner find a speck or something along an edge and it seems we are held to a higher standard. My policy has always been if I don't like it the customer won't either so I launch the film and do it again within reason.

But Daaaayum we did a brand new house today and three of the freaking windows were so out of square the wouldn't close tight enough to lock :spit

I'm a contractor too and take pride in whatever I do and there are a lot of good quality minded contractors around here but they sure are outnumbered by jacklegs :spit do any of you see the same crap in your areas ? just curious

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Guest vclimber

There are some developments where we will not tint houses because of the unusual high incidents of glass breakage. Poor quality glass, poorly cut, poorly put together IG units, in a poorly built house out of green wood that eventually has settling issues. :spit

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Guest vclimber

On a brighter note. We do have one builder who puts Millguard vinyl windows in their tract homes. If you've ever tinted these, you know how nice they are. :spit

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Guest vclimber
ive seen better built houses made of straw in mexico compared to what I see, thank god I do most commercial than residential..with residential you have to be more careful!


You have all of those 40-50 yr old nightmares in the BA, I don't envy that.

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It is sad

We did a new house a few weeks ago with over 800 square feet of glass.

We could not finish the job because either the glass was scratched, broken, or the low-e coating was facing out and corroding. This house was over a mil in price. The guys are going over there to finish tomorrow afternoon.

The windows being used here is not worth wiping your tail in the outhouse. Looking at the frames, the only difference is the locks have different names. I keep waiting to step on eggs because all I see is cheap cheap cheap cheap.

We find bent frames, cracked edges, broken seals, uneven windows.

Oh, a few years ago I was installing film on a new house. Their family room was two stories high. While up there I could slide my hand down the window sil between the window frame and wall. I could see the siding. I mentioned it to the customer. He responded that is was not worrying about it because he could not se it. When I tried to apply the film it fluttered like a sail in the wind. Excuse me Mr Customer, are you sure you want to leave this alone? Oh I guess I need to call my builder and add it to the list.

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