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bloody glue

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Glue Them ***my favorite way***

Another way is to use a clear stationery glue such as "O' Glue" available at Kinko's or Thrifty's or RightAid or any stationery store or Elmer's blue gel (dries clear and stays pliable) . It is a little tricky and can be messy. It gets a little easier with practice. First tint the window as normal, covering the dots with tint. squeegee as much water as possible from under the dotted area. Carefully peel the film down from the dots and squeeze a bead of O' glue onto the exposed film where it meets the bottom edge of the dot area, lay the film back into position, and carefully, slowly squeegee the glue upwards with a bondo card wrapped in a paper towel, stopping short of the top to keep the glue from glopping out. When all of the glue has been moved to nearly the top, squeegee the rest out with a horizontal pass of the bondo card, holding a paper towel under the squeegee card as you go to catch the excess glue. If you spill the glue on the upholstery, just wipe the excess up, and blot with a wet paper towel. If you smear some onto the surface of the tint, just wipe it away with a paper towel. As the glue dries, it will look lumpy for awhile , if the lumps are huge squeegee a little more out. Most of the area will appear a bit lumpy even after its dry, but it looks MUCH better than having that whitened look from the outside

I got this info from a nother site if this glue works u recon I could use it on the hole bike screen ????

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