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filmhandler anyone?

Guest tintgod

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Guest zolar
I need one for res and commercial jobs...can you make me one of those?.. :lol2


I can have you a 48" one real quick

I have a 60" in the works

I am going to have the milfhandler thang going on shortly :thumb


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Guest zolar
I neeed a 72..so get your little elves(or goats..or what ever you are into :thumb ) working triple time


damn.... I bet you need it delivered too

.....with beer :thumb

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Guest zolar
can u use a 40" roll on the 48" filmhandler if so how much 4 one?


I am not certian but I think $99 retail.... a litllte less street price

they are 48" wide by 60" long

they will hold 18" 20"24"36"40"and 48" nicely

it mounts ito a 4x4 block

here is a sneak peek for the subscribers :thumb

.....shhhh :thumb


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