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What would ya'll charge?

Guest Southernmudslinger

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Guest Southernmudslinger

What would ya'll charge to tint 2 side windows, and the little vent windows on a truck and put a 6in? strip across the window? (is it 4in or 6in that normally goes across the window?) In 32% (or 35% whatever it is). 32% is max legal % on side windows. Heres a pic.......... And about how long would it take?


oops, that should say 6in across the WINSHIELD not window.

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Guest darkdan

I charge $99 for any car, any year, any make, any model.

They get the taillight warranty. Once I see their taillights....warranty's up.

Prices vary by skill, product, company overhead, etc. Prices vary from state to state and even city to city.

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