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does wearing polarized-lense glasses create the rainbowed effect on all films installed or is it just metallized film? customer asked me this morning and I couldn't answer for sure. I don't wear em so I don't know. :evilgrin he's had tint in the past and didn't like it, and is reluctant to tint his truck now.

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Guest tintgod

I think is depends on the curve of the windows..but I'm not positive..karen has polarized lenses and we can see it in her van back glass and it is facrory colored glass

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Guest Al-tint

My polarized prescription sunglasses do some funky stuff on most glass.

Tint is rainbow depending how you look at it.

All non tinted back glass have blue circles.

Montana's and Venture's have a bright PINK windshield. Metint said it was the heat rejection layer between the layers of glass.

Some days it's like taking a hit of acid ------------------------ just different.

Tell him it ain't gonna change.

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